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No game sound - affects all Beamdog titles (Steam, Beamdog Client, ...)

JonnecyJonnecy Member Posts: 56
After finally having managed to get the games to actually launch, which had required me to download some OpenAL32.dll file from an external site (since the links provided here on the forums didn't work...), I now have them running without any game sound whatsoever. Windows does not even show any game related icons in the volume mixer. this is the case with all IE Beamdog titles that I have installed: BGEE, BGIIEE, Icewinde Dale EE. I have tried installing them via Steam, via the Beamdog client, and installing them directly from the executable provided here on the site.
So, what can I do to fix this ? And no, reinstalling the games is not going to fix it...
All my drivers are up to date, I have verified that using Driver Booster and other similar tools...

Win7 64bit
i7 4790k
r9 295x2


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