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Apply Effects List, Critical Hit Effect, and Backstab Hit Effect

semiticgoddesssemiticgoddess Member Posts: 14,799
I'm using opcodes 340 and 341 to add special effects to backstabs and critical hits, respectively. Both of them use spell files in the resource field rather than .eff files, but I'm having trouble getting them to work.

I know that 340, the backstab effect, only applies if the character in question has a backstab multiplier. Shadowdancers at low levels and other classes without backstab multipliers won't apply the backstab effect.

Opcode 341 is tougher. It appears to only work if the spell in the resource field uses the Apply Effects List effect, opcode 326. However, there are almost no spells in the game that use this opcode, and all of them are specific to narrow critter types, like the scimitar that banishes elementals and mephits on critical hits. Also, they seem to have different parameters from the Use Effect File opcode 177. This means I don't know what parameters to use in opcode 341 to make a critical hit effect work on the right targets.

I want to either (1) create a spell that uses Apply Effects List 326 on any target, or (2) create one that applies to only living targets.


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  • kjeronkjeron Member Posts: 2,239
    Opcode 341 doesn't offer targeting designations, it's spell is cast on any target on a critical hit. It's parameters only limit which weapon's critical hits will trigger it.
    If you want to limit what it affects you will need to do so through the spell it casts, using immunity(318), further subspells(326), or external eff's(177).

    Opcode 326, parameter2 = 0, subspell applied to any target.
    Opcode 318, parametet2 = 55, effects listed after it won't affect nonliving(specifically constructs and undead).

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