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Overwhelmed by mods....

MercilecMercilec Member Posts: 55
I feel like this title is the only thing i should write... but that would make me too lazy motherfucker (not that i am not...). So ill go into more detail regarding what kind of mods i want and where i can find ALL the existing mods for BG1EE and check them out. Also how to install them. How i know if mod X is compatible with mod Y.

1)I DONT care for more story! Character interactions, love affairs etc.

2)I am going to manage my party fully manually so i dont care for mods that provide auto part AI.

3)I would like better looking game (although this is very relevent).
I do like realistic look, i like colors! i like when the interface is distinguishable and easy to manage.

4)I love itemisation, so the more items the better. For example i would prefer to play this game like a H&S regarding itemisation, like, farming items for possible different builds? etc :)

5)More skills, more classes and classes' kits, more areas (good looking) are all welcome!

6)What else? dunno. Anything that makes the gameplay better i guess? Dunno guys.. You tell me what i miss that will enhance my experience (beside those i mentioned i dont care about ) :)

I checked all mods on this site -> and i took note of some. Are there more mods to look into?

I dont fully understand what this does:
Does it combine BG1EE and BG2EE into one game? cause.... BG2EE has even more mods... omg..

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