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Rasaad Dock Bug

AnphasAnphas Member Posts: 2
Hi! I just saw all the old posts adressing this problem related with a bug in which the dock ambush does not trigger. I have all the requirements to trigger it yet it's not happening.
Indeed, i did not know that the fight with the bard assassin before addressing rasaad could induce this, i was soloing to get more xp on that moment of the main story. I managed to get the console running and the codes provided on the forum don't work. Global rasaad work does not exist and C:SetGlobal("RASAAD_PLOT","GLOBAL",1) lua indexed expression not a table or something like that is happening.
If someone could something to fix my save i would be very grateful. Keep in mind that i ditched a brutal npc like Coran to be able to have that quest, so please understand how pissed and desperate I am right now. Thanks beforehand.


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