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Solaufein for BG2:EE



  • inethineth Member Posts: 623
    edited February 2017
    That looks like a mix of BG1 and BG2 mods. Are you planning to make an EET install? If so, you'll get much better help on the EET forums.

    BWS can generally be trusted about install order and mod conflicts. But its patches for making old mods EE-compatible are still incomplete, so there's always the risk that they can cause issues with your game. It's safest to stick to mods whose authors have officially added EE compatibility, or that other users have reported to work well.

    Mods that are in the EET-compatible mod list (link in first paragraph) should also be safe to install on BG2:EE without EET, as long as you use BWS to install them, because EET compatibility implies EE compatibility, and the compatibility patches that the EET guys have written for those mods have been added to the BiG World Fixpack.

  • brunardobrunardo Member Posts: 517
    Just setting it up now but thanks for the link above @ineth as shouldve gone through this EET forum link at gibberlings. Following the EET compatibility list which closely matches mine but dont see some mods like solaufein now on my BWS set up...I changed my BG folder directory to SOD and some mods like Sola and saerilith are no longer there...also its saying ascension is good to download so wont touch the BP - ascension one but though I read that BP ascension was the only one working with BGEE?

  • inethineth Member Posts: 623
    @brunardo Be sure to read this post on installing EET with BWS. No idea about Ascension, sorry.

  • brunardobrunardo Member Posts: 517
    Great stuff as just setting up a new account with gibberlings and reading the thread...shouldve done this a long time ago!

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    Raduziel wrote: »
    Somebody can tell me if this mod is compatible with Eilistraee's Song?

    in the original game not only the mods are compatible but elistraee's song is designed to have optionally the sola mod installed and there are specific dialogues in that case.

    can someone please tell me if the sola mod still works with ee following the previous instructions, so using bws?

    i really like that mod, both for rp and because i like very challenging battles.
    i think also that playing that mod can teach to many players some lessons, when the weimer's scripted ai takes control of sola he has some advantages, being temporarily a lich and vampire, but the whole battle is imho a masterpiece of properly scripted ai, many players play their fm in a way less effective way while their charnames could be much more powerful then sola as an human has much more freedom to dynamically adapt his strategy to the battle and to what the enemy does, while the way in which ai can be scripted is quite limited.

    imho playing against sola, or the tactics mod random encounters in the town or the acid kensai or the gnome illusionist is a better way to increase the difficulty and sharp your skills then playing the overbuffed but still idiot enemies of the lob mode. (scs is a different approach to have better ai instead of enemies with tons of hp and the rest, and is just as good as tactics and sola mod).

    i still play sola mod with my original game, but i would like to try it also in ee.

  • LiamChgoLiamChgo Member Posts: 23
    I have the Solaufein mod running and am currently romancing him. I'm trying to do the druid's grove quest with Jaheira, where she fights Faldorn, but as soon as the challenge talk is finished, the game freezes. It should do a fade away, followed by Jaheira and Faldorn in the fighting pit, but it simply stops immediately after the conversation and just sits there. The avatars on screen still twitch about as they do when idle, but that's it. I have to go into Task Manager to force the app to end so I can get out of it.
    My party consists of CHARNAME gnome illusionist/thief, Solafein, Minsc, Imoen, Jaheira, and Aerie.

  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 2,074
    For clearification: Is the game freezed or are you stuck in a mode where the game seems to be running but you do not have the controls, which usually happens if you are stuck in a so-called cutscene. For debugging, these two are totally different things.
    Did you try deinstalling Solaufein mod and see whether it works then?

  • LiamChgoLiamChgo Member Posts: 23
    It seems to be stuck in a cutscene, right at the point that it should fade-to-black.
    I had run into the issue once prior, in Ust Natha with Phaere. It was the conversation where she asks to speak to CHARNAME privately, then it is supposed to fade to black and you find yourself in her bed chambers. The same thing happened where instead of fading to black, it just stopped as if it were waiting for something, but I had no control over anything. I finally got around that by uninstalling the Solaufein mod, talking to Phaere in her bed chambers, then saving and reinstalling Solaufein. I could do that now to get past the druid quest, but he's currently a member of my party and I don't want to spoil the romance track.

  • LiamChgoLiamChgo Member Posts: 23
    Okay, I skipped over the druid challenge, leaving that unfinished. When my CHARNAME gained control of the Planar Sphere, I completed the required tasks, but when it came to graduation day, the same glitch occurred. The game just stopped when it came time to play the cutscene. So, again, I skipped doing that part, leaving the wizard stronghold incomplete.
    But now I'm in the graveyard fighting Bodhi. She kidnapped Solaufein as expected. I, along with the Knights of the Radiant Heart and Drizzt & friends, took care of the first level of Bodhi's lair. Then, when confronting Bodhi in her den, she presents Undead Solaufein. US begins his speech, but it only gets as far as the second screen of his poem. When I click on "Continue" to move the conversation forward, the music continues playing but nothing else happens. I've even left it sitting for over 10 minutes to see if it would eventually move on.
    Yes, I could just remove the Solaufein mod and continue the game, and it works fine. I have no other mods currently active in the game. But I've already beaten the game that way (romanced Dorn and romanced the Nathaniel mod) and wanted to try something different. Unfortunately, there seem to be too many glitches in the Solaufein mod for me to continue, and not much help coming from these forums, so I guess I'll just have to remove the mod and not bother finishing the game this time.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    i am sad to read this.
    i still use that mod in my original game edition and it is one of the reasons why i still play it side by side with the EE.
    i think that it is a fantastic mod, both from a RP point of view, the dialogues with sola are much more deep then the ones with many game or mod npcs, and PG wise, as the battles are old school, but really challenging.

    i did not helped you because i completely lack of the needed knowledge to do it, but if i had it i would had certainly put effort in doing it.

    and i wish that some modder in the future will put his effort in porting to EE this fantastic mod, many original game mod npcs are now playable in EE without problems, but possibly the most interesting of them all is not.

  • LiamChgoLiamChgo Member Posts: 23
    I, too, lack the necessary knowledge to know how to fix this myself. So, as I said, I just quit playing the game since it is impossible to continue with the mod running.

  • JiriuJiriu Member Posts: 1
    Hello, can someone tell me how to install the Solaufein mod? I tried to install it but I get a message saying, I should run this program in Infinity Engine ... And I'm a bit lost to be honest and i don't really understand what i must do.

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