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Hello Folks - I'm Necro, a geeky Brit!
Currently working on a full Let's Play of BG1EE/SOD/BG2EE/TOB for Youtube.
I've played BG since it was originally released, and started on my old ancient PC (How the heck it ran that game I dont know... could barely run MSWord!)
I've found the forums really useful for learning tips and tricks, so thought I should sign up.

I tend to play either a CHARNAME Sorc/Cavalier (Currently doing Cava), with a custom made party.
Recently discovered just how awesome Archer is in BG1... kinda insane; especially with Arrows of Detonation.

I play with SCS on both games - David your awesome man!
I have to admit.. I do resort to cheesing at times, as I'm not THE best player, but I can hold my own.

Anyway, nice to meetcha you all!



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