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BUG#WHA? OF: Holy ****ing bugs, batman!! **kersmack** MIC DROP EDITION

St. AndrewSt. Andrew Member Posts: 86
edited April 2017 in Troubleshooting
BG:EE Bugs

1. To-Hit rolls are not displaying accurately. ( WILL REVIEW)
2. Weird Item duping glitch, removing items from containers does so but also leaves the item in the container
3. SoD: Central Bookshelf in second level of dungeon with dwarves (by the blown bridge) does not obstruct vision. This is the shelf in the center of the room, on the right of the hero as he enters the floor.
4. SoD: Strange sudden fps problems, severe lag.. persists until client crash or reboot.
5. "Spell casting failure" on "Apply poison ability", caused by fire mephit fire beam thing.
6. SoD: When completing the dwarves of dumothain(?) quest, for the Cold-Hearted lich, he only takes 1 of the amulets, not all 5.
7. "Hide In Shadows" click does not initiate the psshhewew sound, pretty often.

*9. Temple of Gond greeter dialogue is changed from original bg.*

10. Weapons which give +1, +2 vs regen, +3, etc. do not calculate properly when backstabbing
11. Protect vs poison does not work vs. Neolithid or whatever it is called's poison damage
12. Throwing daggers at Morentherene while she sleeps does not initiate combat
13. Can't pickpocket bridge fort quest scroll, or retrieve it from in his death, Vichand
14. Backstabbed for 70 damage with an 1d4+2 dagger, at level 12. "Quadruple damage" backstab, max damage on paperdoll is 16, 16 x 4 = 64 ( maybe i am misunderstanding something with the damage calculation)
15. If you have the gem bag from Neira in bg1, and disband her from party in bg1, in SoD if you recruit her, she will have a duplicate of that gem bag with all the same items in it
16. Chance to learn spell on wild mage is not accurate. Statistically impossible to fail 4 spells in a row with a 97% success rate. This implies a 15% loss on memorization due to her being a specialist mage, but that penalty should not exist. Realistic % rate from testing 10 scrolls of level 3-5 is maybe 60%-70%.

18. TO BE CONTINUED, accidentally lost my inital documentation from BG1.. there were more


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