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Mod idea: Hidden options you'd like to see in the in-game options menu?

argent77argent77 Member Posts: 3,181
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I'm currently working on a small UI mod that adds a number of hidden game options to the in-game options menu which are normally only accessible by editing the baldur.lua. It would be available for all EE games that have been patched to v2.0 or higher (including PST:EE).

Update: The mod has been released. More about it in this topic.

I have currently covered the following options:
  • SetPrivateProfileString('Program Options','Debug Mode','1')
  • SetPrivateProfileString('Program Options','Strref On','1')
  • SetPrivateProfileString('Program Options','UI Edit Mode','1')
  • SetPrivateProfileString('Game Options','Show Triggers On Tab','1')
  • SetPrivateProfileString('Game Options','Extra Combat Info','1')
  • SetPrivateProfileString('Game Options','Show Date On Pause','1')
  • SetPrivateProfileString('Game Options','Enable Fog','1')
  • SetPrivateProfileString('Game Options','Cleric Ranger Spells','1')
  • SetPrivateProfileString('Game Options','Allow Spacebar In Dialog','1')
  • SetPrivateProfileString('Game Options','Critical Hit Screen Shake','1')
  • SetPrivateProfileString('Game Options','Pausing Map','1')
  • SetPrivateProfileString('Game Options','Reverse Mouse Wheel Zoom','1')
  • SetPrivateProfileString('Game Options','Hotkeys On Tooltips','1')
  • SetPrivateProfileString('Game Options','3E Thief Sneak Attack','1')
  • SetPrivateProfileString('Program Options','Disable Movies','1')
  • SetPrivateProfileString('Graphics','Disable Area Map Zoom','1')
Are there more options you would like to see within the game's options menu?
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  • StefanOStefanO Member Posts: 346
    • SetPrivateProfileString('Program Options','Path Search Nodes','400000')
  • argent77argent77 Member Posts: 3,181
    edited April 2017
    Only simple on/off options are currently possible. I might implement more complex controls later though.
  • argent77argent77 Member Posts: 3,181
    A screenshot how it would look like in the game:

    In the current state of the mod options can be added to the following sections:
    - Gameplay
    - Gameplay > Feedback > Visual Feedback
    - Gameplay > Feedback > Feedback Messages
    - Graphics > Display Options
    - and possibly Gameplay > Auto-Pause > [both lists of options] (not tested though)
  • Contemplative_HamsterContemplative_Hamster Member Posts: 844
    First, this is a great idea!

    I've got one! One which I want so badly, though I am unsure if it belongs to this mod or to another.

    An option to turn off the loud CLICK every bloody time I press a button. This is in IWDee, which I am playing right now. I forget if it is present in BGee and BG2ee, it's been a while. But srsly, I had to turn miscellaneous sound effects off entirely, which meant I also lost spellcasting sounds and combat sounds.
  • argent77argent77 Member Posts: 3,181
    edited April 2017
    @rrchristensen IWD:EE is still on v1.4 and therefore not covered by this mod yet. The click sound is most likely produced by one of the many GAM_xx.WAV files you can find in the game (probably GAM_09.WAV). It should be enough to place an empty sound file of the same name into the override folder to get rid of it.
  • GrammarsaladGrammarsalad Member Posts: 2,580
    This is an awesome idea!!!

    I guess I should look at baldur.lua.

    Ummm, where can I find that? (Here's hoping that's not a dumb question)
  • argent77argent77 Member Posts: 3,181
    There is a good number of potential options listed directly in the game's executable:
    Tiles Precache Percent
    Duplicate Floating Text
    Area Effects Density
    Area Effects Refresh Probability
    Low End Machine 2
    Extra Combat Info
    Critical Hit Screen Shake
    Disable Casting Glows
    Low Mem Sounds 1
    Low Mem Sounds 2
    Disable VEFVidCells
    Disable Display Text
    Mid Level Brighten
    High Level Brighten
    Enhanced Path Search
    Enhanced Path Finding
    Pausing Map
    Extra Feedback
    Filter Games
    All Learn Spell Info
    Heal Party on Rest
    Environmental Audio
    Memory Access
    Memory Level
    Mouse Scroll Speed
    GUI Feedback Level
    Locator Feedback Level
    Bored Timeout
    Always Dither
    Keyboard Scroll Speed
    Command Sounds Frequency
    Selection Sounds Frequency
    Effect Text Level
    Tutorial State
    Attack Sounds
    Auto Pause State
    Auto Pause Center
    Render Path
    Difficulty Level
    Suppress Extra Difficulty Damage
    No Difficulty Based XP Bonus
    Quick Item Mapping
    Terrain Hugging
    HP Over Head
    Force Dialog Pause
    Hotkeys On Tooltips
    Disable Statics During Combat
    Disable Foot Steps During Combat
    Disable Placed Sounds During Combat
    Super Atomic Speed Fighting Action
    Automated Speed Adjustment
    Automated Translucent Shadows
    Automated Very Low Performance
    Automated Low Performance
    Automated Disable Brightest
    Automated Limit Transparency
    Automated Diable Casting Glows
    Automated Disable VEFVidCells
    Automated Mid Level Brighten
    Automated High Level Brighten
    Automated Foot Steps
    Automated Attack Sounds
    Automated 3D Animations
    Automated Disable VVC Sounds
    Automated Faster Blur
    Fully Disable Non Visible During Combat
    Disable VVC Sounds
    Faster Blur
    Smart Radius
    Color Circles
    Classic Selection Circles
    Hardware Mouse Cursor
    Over Confirm Everything
    Show Learnable Spells
    Render Actions
    Debug Action Queue
    Show Triggers On Tab
    Confirm Dialog
    Combat UI
    Maximum HP
    Show Character HP
    Nightmare Bonus Gold
    Nightmare Bonus XP
    3E Thief Sneak Attack
    Cleric Ranger Spells
    Show Date On Pause
    Disable Cosmetic Attacks
    Journal Popups
    Render Travel Regions
    Render Search Map
    Render Dynamic Search Map
    Render Frame Times
    Zoom Lock
    Gameworld Scaling
    Disable Banters
    Enable Fog
    Use Sprite Outlines
    Use Character Highlights
    Greyscale On Pause
    Show Black Space
    Use Linear Scaling
    Short Pregen Description
    Render Explored Map
    Enable Chat Menu
    Show Enemy Health Status
    Always Run
    Message Box Top
    Show Message Box Hint
    Ranged Weapon Switching
    Health Bar Settings
    Round Length
    Smooth Area Transitions
    Disable Area Map Zoom
    Allow Spacebar In Dialog
    Default Permissions
    Pausing Dialog
    Import Character

    I'm not sure which additional options would be useful, what some of them mean or if there are more.
  • GrammarsaladGrammarsalad Member Posts: 2,580
    Aren't a few of those already available?

    Well, these look interesting:

    Import Character(i.e. during a game? Yes please!)
    Always Run(?)
    Smart Radius(?)
    Ranged Weapon Switching(?)
    GUI Feedback Level
    Extra Combat Info(I want as much feedback as i can get)
  • argent77argent77 Member Posts: 3,181
    edited April 2017
    "Always Run" will probably stay PSTEE-only and is already covered by vanilla options. "GUI Feedback Level" is most likely covered by vanilla options as well.

    From what I've read "Smart Radius" is only useful for tablets (I haven't tested it though). I have no idea what "Import Character" is used for and what kind of values it expects. "Extra Combat Info" is already included (see first post) and provides indeed a lot of feedback.

    "Ranged Weapon Switching" might be an option if I can find out what it does.

    Edit: Looks like "Ranged Weapon Switching" is already available under Gameplay options (Don't Melee After Depleting One Ammo Stack).
  • lefreutlefreut Member Posts: 1,462
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  • argent77argent77 Member Posts: 3,181
    Thanks for this! I have already found out "Disable Area Map Zoom" myself, but completely forgot the really useful options "Strref On" and "UI Edit Mode".
  • argent77argent77 Member Posts: 3,181
    I found another interesting option:

    SetPrivateProfileString('Game Options','Reverse Mouse Wheel Zoom','1')

    It pretty much does what the name suggests. Not sure how useful it is, but it doesn't hurt to add it.
  • smeagolheartsmeagolheart Member Posts: 7,963
    This is for PSTEE? I might try the 3e sneak attack in that game...
  • argent77argent77 Member Posts: 3,181
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    @smeagolheart Have you tried out if it works? I couldn't find SNEAKATT.2DA in PST:EE which defines the damage bonus dealt by a successful sneak attack. I can add it to BGEE/BG2EE though.
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  • proccoprocco Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 915
    This sounds like a useful mod! How difficult is it to implement each option? Could you set it up so all the hidden options are available, but the user selects which ones they want to use when installing?
  • argent77argent77 Member Posts: 3,181
    edited April 2017
    Yeah, I'm planning something like this. You can either choose to select individual options or install all at once.

    I have already finished implementing low-level code that expands the relevant game resources. Adding new options is now just a matter of adding a couple of strings and a single function call.
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  • Contemplative_HamsterContemplative_Hamster Member Posts: 844
    edited April 2017
    Potential names for this mod:

    The God Mod
    The Secrets Revealed
    Life, The Universe, And Everything
    There Ain't No Modding Like God Mode Modding, 'Cause God Mode Modding Doesn't ... nah, I've got nothin'.
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  • argent77argent77 Member Posts: 3,181
    Hmm, "The Secrets Revealed" is tempting. I'm currently using the descriptive, but rather boring title "Hidden Gameplay Options". I could also merge both titles and create "Secret Gameplay Options Revealed". Decisions, decisions...
  • kjeronkjeron Member Posts: 2,356
    Any way to make some of these not require a restart to take effect, specifically Debug Mode and Extra Combat Info?
  • argent77argent77 Member Posts: 3,181
    I don't know enough about UI modding to find a way. Vanilla options use Infinity_GetOption() and Infinity_ChangeOption() to get or set options. However, they require some kind of internal ID for each option. I couldn't find any reference how IDs are related to options yet.

    I'm using Infinity_GetINIValue() and Infinity_SetINIValue() instead. These functions use the same arguments as SetPrivateProfileString() in the baldur.lua, but apparently require a game restart to take effect.
  • Contemplative_HamsterContemplative_Hamster Member Posts: 844
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    argent77 said:

    Hmm, "The Secrets Revealed" is tempting. I'm currently using the descriptive, but rather boring title "Hidden Gameplay Options". I could also merge both titles and create "Secret Gameplay Options Revealed". Decisions, decisions...

    The Colon is Your Friend (that's another book title you'd dread to find under the Christmas tree). Hey, it works in academia and other pyramid schemes, so why not here?

    "The Secrets Revealed: Unlocking Secret Gameplay Options"

    That DOES make it sound a little like a how-to sex book, but I think it's worth it. :D

  • argent77argent77 Member Posts: 3,181
    The mod has been released. You can find out more in this topic.

    I have decided to follow a more conservative approach for the mod title. It will be "Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options". It's a very technical mod after all.
  • ithildurnewithildurnew Member Posts: 265
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    [edit - posted question in proper thread]
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