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Need help to experience BB 1

MagodarkMagodark Member Posts: 16
Hi to all! i'm new here on the forums!
I've come here to ask all the vets for some help... (title is obvious :'( )
Ok, first things, the first time i played Baldurs gate was through the BGT mod and some fix packs only. I got kind far in the game but i remember it getting too dificulty, and i stopped playing. I have recently got some time to spare and decided to roll again on this incredible adventure. Last few days i was reading on how to get the best experience to play the whole series and i followed the list of mods and started playing 2 days ago, thing is, it had some mod named "SCS" or Sword coast stratagems, something like that, even the iron mines was dificulty and i barely past some kobolds, needed to reload ton of times, and when i got to bandit camp it was actually impossible to pass, some bandits shouted "sound the alarm" and i sunddenly got swarmed with archers... anyway, the thing is i want to start a new discussion here, because i didnt find one that could guide me. I'm looking for to play the whole series like a triology with the most VANILLA experience, with some MINOR tweaks, like 40 arrow stacks and things like that. Can someone drop a list of mods i could install to achieve this?

Thanks a LOT! in advance! :)


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