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Ravenscar bug (multiplayer)?

KahenrazKahenraz Member Posts: 69
A friend and I are running through BG:EE multiplayer and have encountered what we think is a bug with Ravenscar. I am the host. When my friend talks to him then his game freezes briefly but no dialog appears. When his game is frozen I see an empty dialog on my end. The game unfreezes when the dialog disappears (after a short delay) on my end.

I've attached out save game for reference.

My friend believes that Ravenscar is supposed to talk to us about something but we're encountering this freezing/empty dialog behavior instead.

Can anyone provide any more information?


  • KahenrazKahenraz Member Posts: 69
    edited May 2017
    See attached.

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  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,668
    Copying the save from the MPSAVE to SAVE folders will show what happens in single player, i.e. the same as if a host character talks to him. He won't want to talk until you progress his quest which is shown in your journal. So this is not blocking anything in your game together.

    When a client-controlled character talks to him there is additional client-host activity. In general, this would not present issues however for a non-present dialogue it exhibits the behaviour you see. I'm not sure if anything can be done in this respect but will check.

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