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Getting Enhanced Edition's Character's Soundsets

wolfdwarfwolfdwarf Member Posts: 17
edited May 2017 in Fan Creations

I want to use the soundset of Neera and maybe Rasaad (basically EE characters) in IWD/BG (basically the games that work with these soundsets).
Now, I know all about how to format the filenames and numbers for the soundsets themselves.
The actual problem I'm having is getting/finding/extracting the actual files of the Soundset Sounds out of BG2.
I used NearInfinity to get all the WAVs but I cannot find the files that belong to Neera's (or the other EE characters) soundsets? They seem to be all messed up and disorganized... The non-EE characters reasonably have their filename sets begin with their names...

Can anybody help me with / link me to a stupid-simple step-by-step guide on how to extract the proper wav files for the soundsets?


P.S. Actually! I managed to do it in the past, I actually have a post sharing the Neera Soundset I managed to make. I think I did it with DLTCEP back then... But alas I cannot for the life of me figure out how I did it.

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