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PTEE: UI/HUD disappears after Ravel cutscene

LionsonsaturnLionsonsaturn Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 2
Running PTEE through Steam on a two year old Windows 10 MSI gaming laptop. The first time the Ravel cutscene ran, it froze my game after it ended. Tried again from a previous save, entered the maze portal, this time it put me in Curst without playing the cutscene. But my UI was gone and only showed up again when I entered a store and opened a Buy/Sell window. Seems I have the "no UI except on pause" problem. Saw the fix of using a modding tool to turn "full screen" to OFF in some game file or other but wondering if there is a simpler solution, or if there will be a fix. Thank you - P.S. I have loved this game from the moment it first came out, was ecstatic to see it was being re-issued for modern gear, have never made it past this point in the play before and DYING to solve this problem so I can experience content I've never seen before :smiley:


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