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How good is a 25 strength Char?

SouplesseSouplesse Member Posts: 108
Hello guys,

How do you play your fighters? Obviously fighters whom cannot reach 25 strenght with DUHM.
Do you prefer max APR or max strength? or Both?

Pally are very free to go with DUHM and all the weapons you want. Il you play with Belm off hand and Gaun spe, you can reach 10 APR and if you don't mind 10 APR you can just take Foebane and Defendeur for more fun and 8 APR.

For F/C ok you reach 25 strenght but FoA doesn't work with Improuv Haste and you don't need Crom F so much ...

With F/M multi, not dual, if you want max APR and max strenght you are pretty stuck with all the good stuff for your Char: Belm, Crom, gauntlet of spe and you reach 9 APR ...

Swash/F dual, reach 10 ARP easy but do you want 25 strenght with Crom so you cannot play with Foebane?

Ok this is maybe uncorrect, feel free to correct, but my real question is do you always play 25 strenght fighters and how? max APR is better than max strenght?


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