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Skeletons not respawning no skull for Mellincamp quest from other skeltons.

MrBungleMrBungle Member Posts: 50
I accidentally depleted the High Hedge respawn point for skeletons. I was not trying to grind just clear the map. Now, in the middle of the Mellincamp quest, I am unable to get my hands on the needed skull. Thalynteer is a resource for much needed potions in my Hardcore attempt. I believe this to be a bug because a skull could be acquired through natural dice play from any skeleton. That skulls are only generated from High Hedge skeletons is a computer efficiency consideration and not a game play consideration. As such I will import a skull if possible as that would not taint my hardcore attempt. I think the restore point cap is set to low for skeletons in the High Hedge. Who would spam grind skeletons anyway? That would be the last creature I would grind. Winterwolves maybe. What if the area was set to always generate at least one skeleton with a skull so that the quest could be completed and access to Thalenteer could be maintained?

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  • MitchforkMitchfork Member Posts: 390
    Have you tried resting for a few days? I think the outdoor spawns are set up on some sort of game-time timer but I'm not sure.

  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,156
    None of the skeletons in the area, they are all script-spawned. As Mitchfork said, try resting a few times, that should spawn some to wake you up.

  • MrBungleMrBungle Member Posts: 50
    I went back two weeks of game time later rested 6 times in a row and got nothing. Wandered around after reload and ran into a pack of dogs. Otherwise, the map is barren of all monsters. Does anyone know if cheating the skull will interfere with gameplay? I would CLUAConsole create as MISC50.

    Thank you both for the response by the way.

  • MrBungleMrBungle Member Posts: 50
    What I suspect is that the Devs limited respawning to inhibit grinding. It seems that effort may been too broad and too blunt of a brushstroke in regards to this particular quest dilemma. I suspect that I am not the only person to have encountered this problem. I have been playing this game for years. I am not sure from which update monster respawning became bluntly more austere.

  • MrBungleMrBungle Member Posts: 50
    I was able to find a group of skeletons by sleeping once and then moving around. It looks as though the latest spawning design is to limit sleep spawning, unlimited sleeps in a spawn point does not work. This is not a bug it is a gameplay issue.

  • MrBungleMrBungle Member Posts: 50
    Also, my apologies to devs for my misunderstanding of the situation here. :)

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,303
    edited February 2014
    The lack of a skull on skeletons is a known bug for the record. As for your chance of resting and getting attacked as far as I know its not any different than the original.

  • mjsmjs Member Posts: 742
    the only other place i found skeletons with the skulls to loot was on the map with Dorn's encounter with necromancer on the map east of the mines

  • MrBungleMrBungle Member Posts: 50
    I think there where several patches post original pre BGEE that addressed the issue of respawning/ grinding. Winter wolves were the worst abused. And then, sadly, they eliminated the great squirrel massacre. In the original game early on you could count on resting for respawn almost every other time and indefinitely. As that is the easiest way to grind it makes sense that the resting respawn trick was the most heavily curtailed in a prior patch. I am philosophically opposed to grinding and have not needed to until recently. I suggest that anyone caught in the same dilemma to backup save and then try a variety of leaving coming back cruising around the hedge. Or, better yet, chuck a skull in your storage at the FAI Resting indefinitely in the skeleton respawn point just below Thalantyr's place will likely not get it done.

  • MrUniverseMrUniverse Member Posts: 2
    I am having the same problem. Shoot.

  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 4,197
    There is also one skull in Neera's questline, with the goblins if that helps.

  • GallowglassGallowglass Member Posts: 3,356
    IIRC, Thalantyr is willing to buy skulls. So to avoid this problem in future, just scoop them up and sell them to him (albeit for only 1 gp each). Then if you need one later, buy one back!

    As for when respawns were sharply limited ... it was very early EE. Possibly at first release, or maybe the v1.1 patch? I seem to recall, a long time ago, that @Dee explained (in this forum) that the respawn points would reset whenever you made a journey of more than 8 hours (in a single area-transition), so that may be your quickest way to force a reset, @MrUniverse ... assuming that I'm remembering correctly and that the information is still true, because that discussion was several patches ago.

  • ZagaciousZagacious Member Posts: 63
    This is why I always save one when I clear High Hedge. As other said you can sell it to Thalantyr and he will save it for you.

  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 7,032
    Ambushes when attempting to sleep are not particularly common in that area, but they do happen. Just keep resting until a skeleton attempts to ambush you - far quicker in game time than wandering the map looking for a respawned group of skeletons.

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