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Manually create multiple romance without BG2tweakpack Is that possible?

It seem some of RomanceNPC mods (i.e. Isra mod) didn't work with BG2Tweakpack multiple Romance mod. Even I tried manually deactivate the romance auto killer from the mod itself without using multiple romance mod, the romance mod still didn't work;eventually: I encounter a bug which render that mod unplayable. (i.e. all romance involving NPC cannot walk properly)

After I did some researchs on mod forum, It seem the problem is BG2EE itself that try to change other romances variable to 3 when one romance's variable become2.

So my question is : where is the file and line in BG2EE folder that constantly kill romances. I want to manually edit it without using multiple romance mod. What tools do I need? I already have Notepad++. Is that enough.?

Thank you in advance.


  • PaulaMigratePaulaMigrate Member Posts: 1,201
    edited July 2017
    Simple answer - there is no such file. Not one central file that does what you say.

    The NPC scripts for the romanceable NPCs each contain a set of rules which control how this NPC will react to other NPC romances.
    If you want to modify something, you would need a tool like Near Infinity. You need to find the NPCs involved and the override scripts (BCS) they have assigned. In there you find the code blocks controlling the behaviour.
    With mod added NPCs it gets difficult, since the author may or may not have followed vanilla convention.
    *change other romances variable to 3 when one romance's variable become2.* is a widely used formula but again, this is scripted on basis of individual parameters (Globals) and separately for each NPC pairing. It is nothing *BG2EE itself* does anywhere.
    The *BG2Tweakpack multiple Romance mod* does these multiple modifications for the vanilla romances and that is why it doe nothing with mod NPC Isra.

    It is possible to tweak romances manually in your game but it needs to be analysed on individual cases and normally includes modification of several files.
    Otherwise you end up with this *all romance involving NPC cannot walk properly*, which is resulting from your having created a *loop* in which one or more scripts repeat the same action every turn of the game creating this effect which is widely referred to as *stuttering*.

    If you give an example of which romance you want to tweak, we can discuss that.

  • NSAgov770NSAgov770 Member Posts: 27
    @PaulaMigrate that is an insightful answer. Thank you so much. I think I will just do like many people did by

    *change other romances variable to 3 when one romance's variable become2.* . It seems too difficult for me to manually change all those romancevariables without making any bugs or crashs.

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