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[Windows] [Steam] Trap Removal Difficulty Incorrect

RobinHood70RobinHood70 Member Posts: 11
Traps have two settings: detection difficulty and removal difficulty. Removal difficulty seems to be ignored or processed incorrectly. Specifically, there was a Fireball trap in the Ulcaster Dungeon with a detection difficulty of 40 and a removal difficulty of 50 (according to Near Infinity). I was sitting at 45 effective Find Traps, so I should been able to find it but not disarm it. That was not the case.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Start BG:EE.
2. Find a trap that has different detection and removal difficulties.
3. Have a thief who has a Find Traps ability high enough to detect but not remove the trap.
4. Turn on trap detection and wait until the trap is detected.
5. Attempt to disarm the trap.

Observed: the thief can disarm the trap.
Expected: the thief should not be able to disarm the trap.



  • kjeronkjeron Member Posts: 2,135
    Traps are not on a strict threshold, you still have a small chance to disarm them so long as you are within 8 or 9 points.

  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,664
    I believe the Find and Disarm both have something like 1d10 modifiers applied.
    (This based on the Adventurers Guide which I know involved a fair bit of digging around to determine what the game actually does in various situations)

    A value of 45 will give a range of 46-55 (or maybe 45-54) on each count. If you tried with a value of 35 you would eventually find the trap but not be able to disarm it.

    Here is a test with a starting value of 41 for the trap I think you mean, and after about 30 failed attempts I levelled him up to add 1 point for 42, and the disarm worked after a few attempts.

  • RobinHood70RobinHood70 Member Posts: 11
    Thanks, guys! In all the years I've been playing these games, I'd never come across this before, but it occurred to me that that's not really all that surprising...until BG:EE changed how pickpocketing works, I always focussed on raising Find Traps and Open Locks before anything else, so the number of times I was in a situation to notice this was probably near zero. :)

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