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Multiplayer new companions from enhanced edition problem

SamirtSamirt Member Posts: 3
My game breaks when host assigns to me new companions from enhanced edition characters in multiplayer game. This problem exists in Baldur’s Gate EE and in Baldur’s Gate 2 EE, but not in the Siege of Dragonspear.

Currently we are playing Baldur’s Gate 2, game version

When I join multiplayer game and play with a character I created or non dlc npc (for example Minsk, Jaheira) everything is fine, but when host gives me the new companions (for example Dorn, Hexxat) the game breaks: the screen gets stuck, it is impossible to do any action, to control anything, to play at all. Only I can do is to open the character menu.
We checked the situation vice versa, when I was the host, and friend joins my game: the same problem appears: everything is fine by me (as a host), but another player cannot play with new companions characters.

Did anybody meet the same problem and solve it? Or anybody have good ideas to try to fix it?


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