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Hey guys!

Hi everybody!
So I'm new here and new to playing BG. I've had the game for not even a week and am completely hooked.

I could use some help with a few things though...I basically created an entire party with zero understanding of the classes and abilities and I am now realizing that I made some really bad choices. I'm wondering how important it actually is to have characters use the weapons they are proficient in?
I have a fighter/mage/thief character and I made him proficient with katanas and two-handed swords. I can't find katanas at this point in the game and he is missing 1 point of strength to use a two-handed sword...will his strength go up eventually when he levels up? And I found out that thieves can't use two-handed swords after doing some research, but would that apply to a multi class character?
And I have a thief character that I made proficient with crossbows. It turns out he couldn't use a heavy crossbow but what about other types of crossbows?

And do I need to add the people I meet to my party? I mean I get that they have better abilities than the characters I created but is adding these people necessary to make the story move forward? Or does it just lead to side quests?

I'm starting to learn more about the classes and abilities but I feel like I have a long way to go :)



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