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Shapeshifter/Barbarian Half-Orc

HadarHadar Member Posts: 168
edited October 2017 in General Modding
Is there any mod (and what is it name) which would allow me to play BGEE+SoD+BG2EE with Shapeshifter/Barbarian Half-Orc? Or any race but a Shapeshifter/Barbarian.

Just imagine:
a) Half-Orc - he is from North, he has superhuman strength, constitution and decent dexterity
b) Shapeshifter - he has magic claws and regeneration (in Werewolf form) and he communicates good with animals, and cannot have any armour
c) Barbarian - he is immune to back stabling and has rage ability

Shapeshifter/Barbarian Half-Orc is just basically D&D version of shirtless Wolverine (he is from Canada, has superhuman strength, constitution, dexterity, regeneration, adamantium claws and he is ultra dangerous when angry)

I would even give him name "Logan Hadar" :D

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  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 4,134
    Nothing I have come across yet. I was going to suggest using EEKeeper to change the race,avatar, special abilities, etc. but after checking no half-ogre option is given for them. Lots of other races are available though. That is how I play 'full' ogre shamans anyway (with the Spiritwalker shaman being a shapeshifter of sorts as he melds Yak, Tiger, and Crane spirits with himself-VERY powerful), adjusting scores or any other special abilities from The 2nd ed AD&D Complete Humanoids Handbook. The rest after stats is up to putting oneself into the race. A few race even have the paperdoll and avatars although weapon animation is limited to whatever type they are usually encountered with.
    Best I have come up with anyway. Shoot, H/O's have higher than max strength already as far as BG being based on 2nd edition AD&D. B)
    But I hear ya, humanoids could always use a little extra attn.

  • Contemplative_HamsterContemplative_Hamster Member Posts: 844
    edited October 2017
    The Faiths and Powers mod, available right here on this forum, wil give you access to several reasonable fascimiles:

    1. a multi-class fighter-druid of Silvanus who can shapeshift. Half-ORC appears to an option, so just pretend a little bit harder that it's a half-OGRE.
    2. The half-orc Zealot of Gruumsh. The Zealot class is a berserking, lightly armoured fighter and spellcaster (based on the ranger class) with various unusual powers.
    3. The Beast Master ranger, who among other things can turn into a werewolf. Half-orc is an option.

    If these interesting, reasonably well-balanced and setting-appropriate kits are not enough, you can also blatantly cheat and EE-Keeper in shapeshifting and berserking to a multi-class fighter-cleric, or add shapeshifting to a barbarian.

  • HadarHadar Member Posts: 168
    edited October 2017
    @Zaghoul @rrchristensen
    As a real life person I'm totally lawful good and my play thoughts are always lawful good. But at least once I want to play with evil leaning party, but I probably won't be able to be a jerk still. So I thought my charname must be class forbidden to be good xD So thought about a druid which must be neutral but then I realize that the werewolf abilities could make the charname evil leaning. But still I will have problems to play evil so I will have a bogie party (but not necessary evil).

    So I wanted to go thought whole BGEE+SoD+BG2EE with

    Hadar (shapeshifter)
    Safana (Thief) ==========> M’Khiin Grubdoubler (Shaman) ========> Hexxat (Thief)
    Viconia DeVir (Cleric)
    Edwin Odesseiron (Conjurer)
    Dorn Il-Khan (Blackguard)
    Baeloth Barrityl (Sorcerer) ===> Korgan Bloodaxe (Berserker) or Wilson ===> Sarevok Anchev (Fighter)

    In italics is choice that I'm still not sure of.

    Then I though about mods because it would be cool if my charname would be less druidic and more beast-like.

    So I'm searching for cool class, kit and race combo with bestial appearance and tendencies (especially involving lycantropy). Any suggestions?

    EDIT: Off course I though about half-orc :P My mistake (I'm not a native speaker).

  • Contemplative_HamsterContemplative_Hamster Member Posts: 844
    edited October 2017
    Right, but Faith and Powers has a number of cool class-kit-race combinations that will help you achieve your goal. Alignment choice is not as strict as in the basic game. It has even got multi-class kits! You can download it here. You want version 0.74n, the newest version. I've used this mod for BG, BG2, and IWD, and now I can't imagine playing a game without it! - it's THAT good.

    Also, have a look at this Google spreadsheet which very neatly outlines nearly all the new classes. There are a few ommissions in this list, among them some of the Mystics and one kit in particular called the Beast Lord Lycanthropist, I think, which is basically a werewolf shapeshifter.

    @subtledoctor and @Grammarsalad (who made this amazing mod), is the lycanthrope kit still around in v.0.74n ? I don't have BG installed right now, so I can't check.

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  • scriverscriver Member Posts: 2,032
    You want to play as Bub Snikt?

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  • HadarHadar Member Posts: 168
    @subtledoctor Beast Master is the only class with lycanthropy in your mod? And it removes the original Shapeshifter?

    @rrchristensen I've installed a lot of mods (for test) and I do not see anywhere class Lycanthropist, but it sounds cool!

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  • HadarHadar Member Posts: 168
    edited October 2017
    @subtledoctor @Grammarsalad

    Thanks. Beast Lord looks cool and he can be half-orc. But it would be cooler if he was less a spell caster but more a barbarian and the werewolf forms would be the main thing in the class, not just additions to being a druid. Actually a barbarian (d12 + rage + back stab immunity + being faster + resistance to damage) with the wolf/dire wolf/werewolf/greater werewolf/werewolf lord, but one that cannot have any armour, can use only druidic weapons and have maximum one point proficiency and be immune to poisons, druid resistances and druid experience table. This class could have very few if any spells available. :P

    Or just barbarian/beast lord multiclass :D

    But wait, Beast Lord hasn't any transformation at lvl 1? Even into a wolf?

    BTW why warrior/cleric/mage doesn't have any kits?

  • SouthpawSouthpaw Member Posts: 2,026
    That idea doesn't work with the game. Barbarian is basically a kit of a Fighter and Shapeshifter is a kit of Druid. You can't have 2 kits. Hell, even multiclassing doesn't really allow kits.

    Closest to what you'd want would be:
    Half-orc Barbarian (start with 19 Str and 19 Con. in BGEE, you'll get +1 Con to get you to 20, which unlocks regeneration). Specialise in Daggers or short swords (to imitate Wolverine). Has Rage, cannot wear plate armour.

    Half-orc Kensai (again 19 Str+19 Con). Get Grand-Mastery in Daggers (to imitate Wolverine's claws) and +1 Con book asap to get the regeneration. Does not have "Rage" ability, but a Kai, which allows to give more dmg.

    Human Stalker - also kind-of Wolverine style... leather armour only, can stalk and backstab. No regen (unless you cheat him in EEkeeper as a Half-Orc or give him 19 Con), but will get small spells and I believe later in the game, one of them will be regeneration anyway. (Can't recall in which divine circle the spell is)

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  • HadarHadar Member Posts: 168
    edited October 2017
    @subtledoctor @Grammarsalad @Southpaw

    Actually with the Wolverine was just a joke. My main focus is that my charname will be freak and bogieman in eyes of simple people - so this is why I want lycantropy focused character. For now beast lord is my favourite.

    Ok, I know now why I didn't see any abilities - because there is no icon in special abilities section, but when I click first square I've got it...

    And the beast claws reduce my strength from 19 to 18 so they are quite useless...

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