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Bard songs don't stack anymore(but can "conflict".

Not a gripe or complaint. I was about to get on my screw around with a new concept I had discovered, only to find out it's not possible anymore. A party of not but Bards! It seemed so cool for a screw around session, but alas... It's not possible anymore. Because a band doesn't work together, but atonal works just fine.

Anyway, it got me to thinking. Why would a band of 'eavy metalists be so over the top as opposed to lets say a 6 man party of sorcerers with such spells as; Web, spell sequencer, spider spawn and malison?

A thrash band really had a chance there... Now they are stuck making 12 saves a round at -6 before being eaten by spiders. :)



  • ZilberZilber Member Posts: 253
    edited November 2017
    Somewhere I have an IWD game with a heavy metal band...

    I don't know why different bard songs should not stack, but I do think it prudent to have different songs (I generally think that bonusses should rarely stack with the same bonus).

    A Bard song, Skald song and Chant can just be in tune with one another.

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