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SOU Axeclusion

ParasolsyndicateParasolsyndicate Member Posts: 54
edited December 2017 in Official Campaigns
How out of line am I for wanting to buy a dwarven waraxe, for my dwarven waraxe specialist, at the first smithy?

I am aware it's a 'new' weapon, in that it was added in the expansion, but I also figured since I was playing the expansion I'd be good to go.

This seems like such a niche case it could easily be an oversight.



  • BelleSorciereBelleSorciere Member Posts: 1,900
    It was added in Hordes of the Underdark, I believe.

  • ParasolsyndicateParasolsyndicate Member Posts: 54
    Going through it now with a battle axe. It's nice having another feat.

    No magic axes in Act 1 it seems.

  • FardragonFardragon Member Posts: 4,511
    If you have "weapon focus" feet random treasure chests are supposed to be more likely to contain a weapon of that type. However, as a late addition dwaxes may not be included.

    You could create a character in another module, give them an appropriate weapon, then import them into the OC.

  • ParasolsyndicateParasolsyndicate Member Posts: 54
    edited December 2017
    I did a little testing.

    Importing a high level character with a Dwarven Waraxe gives you exactly that. But the loot drops that contain your favored weapon default to longsword in SOU.

    IF there was a module that allowed a low level character to finish with a magic dwaxe, I might consider importing.

    As I said, it's a very niche thing.

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  • DerpCityDerpCity Member, Moderator Posts: 280
    As BelleSorciere stated, the Dwarven Waraxe didn't exist when SoU was made, so the weapon wasn't added to any of the scripts for the loot-spawning, likely out of not wanting to break compatability with older versions of NWN or something.

    Thankfully in you can spawn whatever weapon you want with the console. If a chest gives you a crappy longsword instead of your focused weapon, load up the toolset and write down the tag (Technically it asks for the ResRef of the item, but editing a copy of the item changes that, and all of Bioware's default items seem to have the same tag as their ResRef) of a Dwarven Waraxe of similar quality to the Longsword you've found. Once you have your tag, go back to your save and open the console using ~ and type DebugMode 1, hit enter, and type in dm_spawnitem item while replacing replacing item with the tag of the item you want, and it should spawn on the ground under your cursor. When it does, type DebugMode 0 to exit DebugMode so that those pesky yellow triggers get out of your face.

    This is technically cheating and you'll have to do it every time you want to replace your Waraxe, but it may be unavoidable if you want to use one. Also its moreso the developer's fault for not having the feat be unselectable in the campaign when there aren't any Dwarven Waraxes available to find or buy.

    Anyway, I hope my post was helpful.

  • batoorbatoor Member Posts: 669
    Seems like a good request for new items to be added. You can use tridents as well, but I'm not sure if theres any magical weapons available.

    Adding a few new items couldn't be that much work could it? And if anyone wants to remind other modules already does that...yes I'm well aware thats possible, but it's not the point=p

  • JidokwonJidokwon Member Posts: 311
    This should be just one of the basic fixes that Beamdog does for the OCs. Bring them all up to a uniform patch level. All of the OCs and premium modules should be brought up to date and always kept to most recent patch level.

  • ParasolsyndicateParasolsyndicate Member Posts: 54
    I would like to see both features added. Universal character support across all modules, and a supply of magical dwaxes for those that want them.

    But I'm fully expecting it not to be a priority change, because it affects only a few characters.
    I've also heard the idea that this weapon should be in a 'Dwarf' weapon proficency category. which I'm still undecided on.

  • CerabelusCerabelus Member Posts: 235
    Jidokwon said:

    This should be just one of the basic fixes that Beamdog does for the OCs. Bring them all up to a uniform patch level. All of the OCs and premium modules should be brought up to date and always kept to most recent patch level.

    Totally agree, they need a uniform shop & loot system across the Campaigns so people can get at least basic & leveled gear.

    Many other fixes should be done like Palemaster class fix so instead of only getting new spell slots every 2nd Lvl it should also increase caster Lvl, because your spells don't advance and taking Palemaster at low Lvl's is lame.

    But where talking about weapons here so definitely that needs to be addressed because what if you wanna try something funny like run around the OC with a Whip and go full on Indiana Jones on Gulnan or charge at Klauth with your new +3 Trident, Dester or Fenthic could use a good Whippin.

    Someone should upload a Vid of NWN 1 "Klauth gets a Whippin", I wonder how long they'd last before Klauth uses Power Word Kill, lol.

  • bloodstripesbloodstripes Member Posts: 8
    I have nothing to add to the discussion, but I did laugh at the title of the thread. Nicely done!

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