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Here's a list of all the problems I found since 2 years ago.

Hello, since 2.5 is around the corner, i thought i should do this post i've been thinking to post for a long time.

I've been modding for myself for quite some time now and while i was looking and messing with the game ressource i have found some bugs, (probably) unintended behavior and remark that i want to brought to attention:

All of the things mentioned below where found on the unmodded latest version of BGEE + SOD and a mostly only self-modded BG2EE.

- If a spell or item use opcode 318 or 324 to make creature with 100% resistance be immune to a spell, creature with -100% in the resistance will be immune too.

- scrolls have inconsistent casting spells level, most spells are cast at the 10th level but most (the older) spells of level 3 and lower are cast at the 6th level, most level 4 spells are cast at the 7th level and most level 5 spells are cast at the 9th level

- Some scroll have differents target than the spell they cast, here is what i found:
-wraithform (SCRL1R) target creature instead of self
-hold monster (SCRL5O) target area instead of creature and have a range of 45 instead of 40
-teleport field (SCRL6F) target creature instead of area
-oracle (SCRL6W) target area instead of self
- ? identify (SCRL75) target ground item instead of portrait
-contingency and chain contingency (SCRL7U,SCRL9Q) target self instead of "self instant"

- Some scrolls also have a wrong range, some even have a huge range while targeting self, like stoneskin (SCRL1V).

- A comparison of the PHB's wisdom table and MXSPLWIS.2DA has shown that the spells gained from innaturally high wisdom (19+) were wrong:
for 25 wisdom MXSPLWIS.2DA give the following spells : 3 3 2 4 4 3 1
while the PHB's wisdom table give : 4 3 3 3 3 3 1
(first row is first level spells gained, second is second level spells...)

- The same go for the BEND_BARS_LIFT_GATES column of the STRMOD.2DA, which for 25 strength would give a score of 80% to break lock and bash door against 99% in the PHB's strength table, and the WEIGHT_ALLOWANCE column, which give 200lbs of weight allowed for 18 in strength while the PHB's strength table give 110lbs (even if in this case, i would prefer keeping the increased weight allowance)

- The module Faith & Avatar have expended spells tables for levels beyond 20, which are extremely different from the ones in Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale (bards get 7th level spells, wizard have 7 spells of all spell levels at level 31...)

- The module Faith & Avatar also have expended THAC0 tables for levels beyond 20, unlike Baldur's Gate, where THAC0 cap at 20.
It mostly grow the same than before level 20 (warrior gain +1 each level, thief +1 each two levels, cleric +2 each three levels a nd wizard +1 each three levels) but warrior cap at -10 at 31 while other still increase

- Some spells, like unholy blight and call lightning, doesn't scale up to level 20, unholy blight stop growing at the 19th level and call lightning at the 18th level.

- In PNP, spells does not deal fire or cold damage but magical cold and magical fire damage, which can be relevant as spell protect less against magical cold/fire damage and some monsters (like the efreets or the greater mummies) have differents resistances between cold/fire and magical cold/fire. Since the magical fire and magical cold damage are already in the engine, why not include them ?

- As mentionned in the table 48 of the DMG, monsters gain magical bonus (+1,+2,...) depending of their hit dice to determine what they can hit. This is not the case in the BGs and IWD where some high level monster (like the summoned efreet) hit with no magical enchantment. While all monsters don't have to have the right magical bonus, summons need their magical bonus to be useful in late game.

- Since golems are mindless construct they should not be able to be stunned, confused and the like, but they rely on their immunity to spells and magical resistance to assume their role, which mean some items (like Celestial Fury or stun dart) can still affect them.

And sorry for my bad english.



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