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Hi folks

lujolujo Member Posts: 236
edited January 2018 in New Members Welcome Area
I kind of crashed into the PST:EE forums without making an introdction.

I'm Lujo, I'm a long time Fallout 1/2 and PST fan. I'm a writer and editor IRL and a huge fantasy/SF fan. Well, fan of the SF and Fantasy where PST fits in as mundane, not so much of the Tolkinean stuff (not that I'm not well read/played in it, I just like other styles better).

I'm also a very dedicated playtester, and I've been involved with that sort of thing a lot for games I like. I've also been a gamer for a long time and played way too many PC titles, and I've got Dota / Dota2 experience. An unhealty ton of MtG and D&D third/3.5 edition goes without saying.

I'm mostly interested in fixing bugs and flaws in PST, putting together a mod or two after that, and if Beamdog ever gets involved in the early Fallouts, I'd love to contribute to that, as I've been involved with that in the past.

Well, that's me. Hope I'm not too annoying.

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