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Book of Legal Possibilities (Preparation for SoD)

AbelAbel Member Posts: 716
edited April 2016 in BG:EE Mods
I started a new game and I was running out of time before SoD release! So, I had the idea of creating a mod that would allow me to summon any NPC in the game and get the items I could legally obtain if I completed a full playthrough. With this mod you'll then be able to form a fully equipped and SoD ready party.

So, how does it work? First, download latest release on GitHub and extract its contents:
- If you have the Steam version of BG:EE, in : 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition'
- If you have the Beamdog version of BG:EE, in : 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition\Data\00766'

Then, install the mod by double-clicking the 'setup-abel_bookoflegalpossibilities_mod.exe' file.

When you're in game, you need to create the book by opening the console (to enable it, check this thread; then open it with CTRL + SPACE) and by typing in: 'C:CreateItem("BLBOOK01")'. The item will appear in your inventory and you can assign it to a quickslot.
Upon use, a dialog will trigger and offer the options I mentioned first.

Warning: this mod lets you recruit NPCs directly by bypassing their original first lines of dialog. This is necessary for several reasons. The drawback is that it may prevent certain variables from being set normally. So, use this in a normal BGEE campaign at your own risks!

Additional notes: unfortunately, I wasn't able to set the items price to 0 (it's 1). So depending on your current gold, you may have to create some ('C:AddGold(999)').

I did my best to create an accurate list of the items you can get and their quantities. But, I'm not sure about the exactitude of it all. You can help me improve the list by reporting any mistake (I included a complete list in the spoiler below).
Especially regarding spell scrolls which I added liberally (2 per spell) not knowing about their presence or absence (but for the most patent ones).

Only magical items were included. There are a few exceptions (armors).

I also had to decide what to do for consummables, projectiles and wands. I decided to add a stack of 8 potions, 80 ammos per type and 8 charges per wand.

That's it! Enjoy!

To do list:
- remove Branwen petrification
Do you recognize these?
Feel free to 'buy' these special items... or not!
Evil party ready for SoD!

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  • AbelAbel Member Posts: 716
    RESSOURCE  	NAME                                	N°  
    AMUL01     	The One Gift Lost                   	3   
    AMUL14     	The Protector +1                    	4   
    AMUL15     	Shield Amulet                       	1   
    AMUL16     	The Amplifier                       	1   
    AMUL17     	Greenstone Amulet                   	1   
    AMUL18     	Wolfsbane Charm                     	1   
    AMUL21     	Amulet of Power                     	0   
    AMUL22     	Periapt of Proof Against Poison     	0   
    AMUL23     	Periapt of Life Protection          	0   
    AMUL24     	Necklace of Form Stability          	0   
    AMUL25     	Amulet of Spell Warding             	1   
    CHALCY3    	Greenstone Amulet                   	1   
    WA2AMU     	Sensate Amulet                      	0   
    CHAN02     	Chain Mail +1                       	7   
    CHAN03     	Mail of the Dead +2                 	1   
    CHAN05     	Splint Mail +1                      	4   
    CHAN06     	Mithral Chain Mail +4               	1   
    CHAN07     	Chain Mail +3                       	1   
    CHAN08     	Chain Mail +2                       	0   
    CHAN12     	Elven Chain Mail                    	1   
    CLCK09     	Mage Robe of Cold Resistance        	1   
    CLCK10     	Mage Robe of Fire Resistance        	1   
    CLCK11     	Mage Robe of Electrical Resistance  	1   
    CLCK12     	Knave's Robe                        	1   
    CLCK13     	Traveler's Robe                     	1   
    CLCK14     	Adventurer's Robe                   	1   
    CLCK15     	Robe of the Good Archmagi           	1   
    CLCK16     	Robe of the Neutral Archmagi        	1   
    CLCK17     	Robe of the Evil Archmagi           	2   
    HGWRA02    	Robe of the Good Archmagi           	1   
    LEAT02     	Leather Armor +1                    	3   
    LEAT03     	Protector of the Second +2          	1   
    LEAT05     	Studded Leather Armor +1            	5   
    LEAT06     	Armor of Missile Attraction +2      	1   
    LEAT07     	Telbar's Studded Leather +2         	1   
    LEAT08     	Shadow Armor +3                     	1   
    LEAT09     	Karajah's Life and Death +3         	1   
    LEAT11     	Leather Armor +2                    	1   
    LEAT25     	Rugged Leathers +2                  	1   
    PLAT02     	Fallorain's Plate +1                	3   
    PLAT04     	Full Plate Armor                    	3   
    PLAT05     	Plate of the Dark +1                	2   
    PLAT06     	Ankheg Plate Mail                   	2   
    PLAT08     	The Practical Defense +3            	1   
    PLAT24     	The Magma Bulwark +2                	1   
    TTLEAT     	Leather Armor +1                    	0   
    WA2ROBE    	<Invalid Strref -1>                 	0   
    AROW02     	Arrow +1                            	80  
    AROW03     	Arrow of Slaying                    	80  
    AROW04     	Acid Arrow +1                       	80  
    AROW05     	Arrow of Biting                     	80  
    AROW06     	Arrow of Detonation                 	80  
    AROW07     	Arrow of Dispelling                 	80  
    AROW08     	Arrow of Fire +2                    	80  
    AROW09     	Arrow of Ice                        	80  
    AROW10     	Arrow of Piercing +1                	80  
    AROW11     	Arrow +2                            	80  
    AROW14     	Poisoned Arrow                      	0   
    AROW1A     	Arrow +2                            	0   
    QUIVER01   	Quiver of Plenty +1                 	0   
    AX1H02     	Battle Axe +1                       	2   
    AX1H03     	Battle Axe of Mauletar +2           	1   
    AX1H05     	Throwing Axe +2                     	1   
    AX1H06     	Rhyte's Last Arrow +2               	0   
    AX1H07     	Bala's Axe, Wizard Slayer           	1   
    AX1H16     	K'logarath +4                       	0   
    AX1H17     	Battle Axe +3                       	0   
    AX1H18     	Beruel's Retort +1                  	40  
    AX1H19     	Golden Axe +1                       	0   
    ENSW2H     	Battle Axe +3                       	0   
    BELT02     	Golden Girdle of Urnst              	2   
    BELT03     	Destroyer of the Hills              	2   
    BELT04     	Elves' Bane                         	1   
    BELT05     	Girdle of Masculinity/Femininity    	1   
    BELT06     	Girdle of Hill Giant Strength       	0   
    BELT07     	Girdle of Stone Giant Strength      	0   
    BELT10     	Belt of Inertial Barrier            	0   
    BELT15     	Big-Fisted Belt                     	1   
    BELT16     	Belt of Antipode                    	1   
    NEBELT01   	Adoy's Belt                         	1   
    BOLT02     	Bolt +1                             	80  
    BOLT03     	Bolt of Lightning                   	80  
    BOLT04     	Bolt of Biting                      	80  
    BOLT05     	Bolt of Polymorphing                	80  
    BOLT06     	Bolt +2                             	80  
    FLAM01     	Flamethrower                        	0   
    FRAG01     	Frag Grenade                        	0   
    FROSTY     	Dr. Freeze Death Ray                	0   
    LASER      	Laser                               	0   
    LIGHT      	Wand of Magic Missiles              	0   
    PULS01     	Wand of Magic Missiles              	0   
    PULS02     	Wand of Magic Missiles              	0   
    QUIVER02   	Case of Plenty +1                   	0   
    BOOT01     	The Paws of the Cheetah             	2   
    BOOT02     	Worn Whispers                       	3   
    BOOT02ZH   	Worn Whispers                       	0   
    BOOT03     	The Frost's Embrace                 	1   
    BOOT04     	Senses of the Cat                   	2   
    BOOT05     	Talos's Gift                        	1   
    BOOT08     	Boots of Phasing                    	0   
    BOOT11     	Boots of Etherealness               	0   
    BOOT12     	Gargoyle Boots                      	0   
    DASBOOT    	The Paws of the Cheetah             	0   
    RSBOOT     	Moonlight Walkers                   	1   
    BOW02      	Composite Longbow +1                	1   
    BOW04      	Longbow +1                          	1   
    BOW07      	The Dead Shot +2                    	2   
    BOW16      	Composite Longbow +2                	0   
    BOW17      	Longbow +2                          	0   
    BOW06      	Shortbow +1                         	1   
    BOW08      	Protector of the Dryads +2          	1   
    BOW18      	Shortbow +2                         	0   
    GODBOW     	Shortbow                            	0   
    BRAC01     	Bracers of Defense AC 8             	3   
    BRAC02     	Bracers of Defense AC 7             	3   
    BRAC03     	Bracers to the Death                	0   
    BRAC04     	The Dale's Protector                	1   
    BRAC06     	Hands of Takkok                     	1   
    BRAC07     	The Brawling Hands                  	1   
    BRAC08     	Elander's Gloves of Misplacement    	1   
    BRAC09     	Xarrnous's Second Sword Arm         	2   
    BRAC10     	Legacy of the Masters               	2   
    BRAC11     	Bracers of Binding                  	1   
    BRAC15     	Bracers of Defense AC 3             	0   
    BRAC18     	Gloves of Missile Snaring           	0   
    BRAC19     	Gauntlets of Crushing               	0   
    BRAC20     	Gloves of Healing                   	0   
    BRAC26     	Tzu-Zan's Bracers                   	0   
    RSBRAC     	Glimmering Bands                    	1   
    BULL02     	Bullet +1                           	80  
    BULL03     	Bullet +2                           	80  
    BULL04     	Sunstone Bullet +1                  	80  
    BULL07     	Bullet of Fire +1                   	80  
    BULL08     	Bullet of Ice +1                    	80  
    BULL09     	Bullet of Electricity +1            	80  
    QUIVER05   	Bag of Plenty +1                    	0   
    CLCK01     	Cloak of Protection +1              	10  
    CLCK02     	The Spirit's Shield +2              	1   
    CLCK03     	Cloak of Displacement               	1   
    CLCK04     	Relair's Mistake                    	1   
    CLCK05     	Cloak of Balduran                   	1   
    CLCK06     	Whispers of Silence                 	2   
    CLCK07     	Nymph Cloak                         	1   
    CLCK08     	Algernon's Cloak                    	1   
    CLCK20     	Cloak of the Shield                 	1   
    CLCK22     	Shandalar's Cloak                   	0   
    CLCK24     	Cloak of Reflection                 	0   
    CLCK30     	Cloak of Bravery                    	0   
    CLCK31     	Improved Cloak of Protection +2     	0   
    BAG02      	Gem Bag                             	1   
    BAG03      	Scroll Case                         	1   
    BAG06      	Potion Case                         	1   
    XBOW02     	Heavy Crossbow +1                   	0   
    XBOW03     	The Guide +2                        	1   
    XBOW05     	Light Crossbow +1                   	1   
    XBOW06     	The Army Scythe +1                  	1   
    DAGG02     	Dagger +1                           	3   
    DAGG03     	Heart of the Golem +2               	2   
    DAGG04     	Longtooth: The Grave Binder +2      	1   
    DAGG09     	Werebane +1                         	1   
    MISC75     	Dagger of Venom +2                  	1   
    SW1H13     	Moonblade +3                        	1   
    DART02     	Dart +1                             	80  
    DART03     	Dart of Stunning                    	80  
    DART04     	Dart of Wounding                    	80  
    DART05     	Asp's Nest +1                       	0   
    DART09     	Dart of Fire +1                     	80  
    DART10     	Dart of Ice +1                      	80  
    DART11     	Dart of Acid +1                     	80  
    FIRESEED   	Fire Seed                           	0   
    BLUN03     	Flail +1                            	4   
    BLUN13     	Flail +2                            	1   
    BLUN39     	The Thresher +2                     	1   
    MISC2A     	Doppelganger Wardstone              	0   
    MISC2B     	Level 1 Exit Wardstone              	0   
    MISC2C     	Islanne Wardstone                   	0   
    MISC2D     	Kiel Wardstone                      	0   
    MISC2E     	Fuernebol Wardstone                 	0   
    MISC2F     	Teleportation Wardstone             	0   
    MISC2G     	Level 2 Exit Wardstone              	0   
    MISC2H     	Shandalar's Wardstone               	0   
    MISC2I     	Wardstone Forgery                   	0   
    MISC2J     	Wardstone Forgery                   	0   
    MISC2K     	Compass Wardstone                   	0   
    MISC2L     	Bone Wardstone                      	0   
    MISC2M     	Dwarven Rune Wardstone              	0   
    MISC2N     	Dwarven Rune Wardstone              	0   
    HALB02     	Halberd +1                          	4   
    HALB03     	Suryris's Blade +2                  	1   
    HALB13     	The Chesley Crusher +2              	1   
    HAMM02     	War Hammer +1                       	3   
    HAMM03     	Ashideena +2                        	1   
    HAMM04     	The Kneecapper +1                   	1   
    HAMM13     	Hammer of Dawn +1                   	1   
    PLYMSTAR   	Morning Star                        	0   
    HELM18     	Pearly White Ioun Stone             	0   
    HELM19     	Dusty Rose Ioun Stone               	0   
    HELM20     	Pale Green Ioun Stone               	0   
    BAND02     	Silver Circlet                      	0   
    BAND03     	Eilistraee's Boon +1                	0   
    BAND04     	Circlet of the Archmagi             	0   
    CHALHELM   	Gift of Peace                       	1   
    HELM02     	Helmet of Opposite Alignment        	1   
    HELM03     	Helm of the Noble +1                	1   
    HELM04     	Gift of Peace                       	1   
    HELM05     	The Eyes of Truth                   	1   
    HELM06     	Helmet of Charm Protection          	0   
    HELM07     	Helm of Balduran                    	1   
    HELM14     	Kiel's Helmet                       	1   
    HELM36     	<Invalid Strref -1>                 	0   
    PALHELM    	Helm of the Noble +1                	0   
    SW1H02     	Bastard Sword +1                    	4   
    SW1H03     	Kondar +1                           	1   
    SW1H18     	Sword of Balduran                   	1   
    SW1H34     	Albruin +1                          	1   
    SW1H42     	Bastard Sword +2                    	0   
    SW1H44     	Katana +1                           	1   
    SW1H55     	Katana +2                           	0   
    ENSW1H01   	Long Sword +3                       	0   
    SW1H05     	Long Sword +1                       	14  
    SW1H06     	Varscona +2                         	1   
    SW1H19     	The Vampire's Revenge +1            	1   
    SW1H24     	The Burning Earth +1                	1   
    SW1H41     	Long Sword +2                       	0   
    SW1H53     	Yes, you are free to go.            	0   
    SW1H79     	Harrower +1                         	1   
    SW1H99     	Sword of Chaos                      	0   
    SW1P01     	Viper's Edge +2                     	0   
    TTSWORD1   	Long Sword +1                       	0   
    SW1H15     	Icingdeath +3                       	1   
    SW1H16     	Twinkle +3                          	1   
    SW1H22     	Scimitar +1                         	1   
    SW1H23     	Rashad's Talon +2                   	2   
    SW1H49     	Ninjatō +1                         	1   
    SW2H02     	Two-handed Sword +1                 	3   
    SW2H03     	#VALEUR!	1   
    SW2H06     	Spider's Bane +2                    	1   
    SW2H07     	The World's Edge +3                 	1   
    SW2H07A    	The World's Edge +3                 	0   
    SW2H08     	Durlag's Pride +2                   	0   
    SW2H11     	Two-handed Sword +2                 	0   
    SW2H22     	Gold Digger +1                      	1   
    SW2HD1     	Rancor +1                           	1   
    SW2HD2     	#VALEUR!	0   
    BLUN10     	The Root of the Problem +1          	1   
    BLUN36     	Club +1                             	1   
    BLUN37     	Mighty Oak +2                       	1   
    BLUN38     	Night Club +1                       	1   
    BLUN40     	Chanserv's Fish +2                  	0   
    BLUN05     	Mace +1                             	1   
    BLUN11     	Krotan's Skullcrusher +2            	1   
    BLUN21     	Mace +2                             	0   
    BLUN41     	The Stupefier +1                    	1   
    BLUN42     	Krotan's Skullcrusher +2            	0   
    ENMACE     	Mace +3                             	0   
    BOOK01     	Magical Book                        	0   
    BOOK02     	Spellbook                           	0   
    BOOK03     	Manual of Bodily Health             	1   
    BOOK04     	Manual of Gainful Exercise          	1   
    BOOK05     	Manual of Quickness of Action       	1   
    BOOK06     	Tome of Clear Thought               	1   
    BOOK07     	Tome of Leadership and Influence    	1   
    BOOK08     	Tome of Understanding               	3   
    BOTSMITH   	Efreeti Bottle                      	0   
    GBERRY     	Good Berry                          	0   
    LOPOTN20   	Lothander's Potion of Antidote      	0   
    MISC2P     	The Captive Audience                	0   
    MISC53     	Bowl of Water Elemental Control     	0   
    MISC73     	The Horn of Kazgaroth               	1   
    WAND99     	Wand of Magic Missiles              	0   
    BLUN07     	Morning Star +1                     	4   
    BLUN09     	Kiel's Morning Star +3              	1   
    BLUN15     	Morning Star +2                     	0   
    ENMORN     	Morning Star +3                     	0   
    BAPOTION   	Speedily Stolen Slaves' Salve       	0   
    IPOTN08    	Potion of Healing                   	0   
    MISC76     	The Dream Potion                    	0   
    MISC98     	Durlag's Goblet                     	1   
    POTN02     	Potion of Fire Resistance           	8   
    POTN03     	Potion of Hill Giant Strength       	8   
    POTN04     	Potion of Frost Giant Strength      	8   
    POTN05     	Potion of Fire Giant Strength       	8   
    POTN06     	Potion of Cloud Giant Strength      	8   
    POTN07     	Potion of Storm Giant Strength      	8   
    POTN08     	Potion of Healing                   	8   
    POTN09     	Potion of Heroism                   	8   
    POTN10     	Potion of Invisibility              	8   
    POTN11     	Potion of Invulnerability           	8   
    POTN12     	Potion of Stone Giant Strength      	8   
    POTN13     	Oil of Fiery Burning                	8   
    POTN14     	Oil of Speed                        	8   
    POTN15     	Red Potion                          	1   
    POTN16     	Violet Potion                       	1   
    POTN17     	Elixir of Health                    	8   
    POTN18     	Potion of Absorption                	8   
    POTN19     	Potion of Agility                   	8   
    POTN20     	Antidote                            	8   
    POTN21     	Potion of Clarity                   	8   
    POTN22     	Potion of Cold Resistance           	8   
    POTN23     	Oil of Speed                        	8   
    POTN24     	Potion of Defense                   	8   
    POTN25     	Potion of Healing                   	8   
    POTN26     	Potion of Explosions                	8   
    POTN27     	Potion of Fire Breath               	8   
    POTN28     	Potion of Fortitude                 	8   
    POTN29     	Potion of Genius                    	8   
    POTN30     	Potion of Infravision               	8   
    POTN31     	Potion of Insulation                	8   
    POTN32     	Antidote                            	8   
    POTN33     	Potion of Magic Blocking            	8   
    POTN34     	Potion of Magic Protection          	8   
    POTN35     	Potion of Magic Shielding           	8   
    POTN36     	Potion of Master Thievery           	8   
    POTN37     	Potion of Mind Focusing             	8   
    POTN38     	Potion of Mirrored Eyes             	8   
    POTN39     	Potion of Perception                	8   
    POTN40     	Potion of Invulnerability           	8   
    POTN41     	Potion of Power                     	8   
    POTN42     	Potion of Regeneration              	8   
    POTN43     	Potion of Insight                   	8   
    POTN44     	Potion of Strength                  	8   
    POTN45     	Potion of Freedom                   	8   
    POTN46     	Potion of Stone Form                	8   
    POTN47     	Marek's Potion of Antidote          	0   
    POTN52     	Potion of Extra Healing             	8   
    POTNMARE   	Marek's Potion of Antidote          	0   
    PROX01     	Proximity Bomb                      	0   
    PTION2K    	Potion of Power, Wizard             	0   
    PTION2L    	Potion of Power, Priest             	0   
    PTION2M    	Potion of Power, Rogue              	0   
    PTION2N    	Potion of Power, Warrior            	0   
    PTION41    	Potion of Power                     	0   
    TTPOT      	Potion of Extra Healing             	0   
    ENSTAFF    	Quarterstaff +3                     	0   
    PSTAFM0    	Narbucchad's Demise +4              	0   
    PSTAFM0B   	Narbucchad's Demise +3              	0   
    PSTAFM0C   	Narbucchad's Demise +2              	0   
    PSTAFM0D   	Narbucchad's Demise +1              	0   
    PSTAFM0E   	Narbucchad's Demise +1              	0   
    PSTAFM1    	Narbucchad's Demise +5              	0   
    STAF02     	Quarterstaff +1                     	2   
    STAF05     	Staff of Striking +3                	1   
    STAF06     	Staff Mace +2                       	1   
    STAF07     	Staff Spear +2                      	1   
    STAF08     	Aule's Staff +3                     	1   
    STAF18     	Quarterstaff +2                     	1   
    STAF25     	The Ossifier                        	1   
    STAFN1     	Neera's Staff +1                    	1   
    JWSUPER    	Edventar's Gift                     	0   
    MISC72     	The Claw of Kazgaroth               	1   
    RING02     	Batalista's Passport                	2   
    RING03     	Druid's Ring                        	1   
    RING04     	The Jester's Folly                  	3   
    RING05     	Sandthief's Ring                    	1   
    RING06     	Ring of the Princes +1              	7   
    RING07     	The Guard's Ring +2                 	1   
    RING08     	Evermemory                          	2   
    RING09     	Edventar's Gift                     	2   
    RING20     	The Victor                          	1   
    RING21     	Topsider's Crutch                   	1   
    RING22     	Honorary Ring of Sune               	1   
    RING23     	Discipliner                         	1   
    RING25     	Koveras's Ring of Protection +1     	1   
    RING27     	Ring of Fire Control                	0   
    RING31     	Ring of Regeneration                	0   
    RING34     	Ring of Spell Turning               	0   
    RING40     	Ring of Acuity                      	0   
    RING47     	The Iron Thorn                      	1   
    RESTORE    	Greater Restoration                 	0   
    SCRL02     	Spell Scroll                        	0   
    SCRL03     	Protection From Acid                	2   
    SCRL04     	Protection From Cold                	2   
    SCRL05     	Protection From Electricity         	2   
    SCRL06     	Protection From Fire                	2   
    SCRL07     	Protection From Magic               	2   
    SCRL08     	Protection From Poison              	2   
    SCRL09     	Protection From Undead              	2   
    SCRL10     	Cursed Scroll of Weakness           	2   
    SCRL11     	Cursed Scroll of Clumsiness         	2   
    SCRL12     	Cursed Scroll of Foolishness        	2   
    SCRL13     	Cursed Scroll of Ugliness           	2   
    SCRL14     	Cursed Scroll of Summon Monster     	2   
    SCRL15     	Protection From Petrification       	2   
    SCRL16     	Cursed Scroll of Petrification      	2   
    SCRL17     	Cursed Scroll of Ailment            	2   
    SCRL18     	Cursed Scroll of Stupidity          	2   
    SCRL1B     	Agannazar's Scorcher                	2   
    SCRL1C     	Ghoul Touch                         	2   
    SCRL1D     	Clairvoyance                        	2   
    SCRL1E     	Dispel Magic                        	2   
    SCRL1F     	Flame Arrow                         	2   
    SCRL1G     	Fireball                            	2   
    SCRL1H     	Haste                               	2   
    SCRL1I     	Hold Person                         	2   
    SCRL1J     	Invisibility, 10' Radius            	0   
    SCRL1K     	Lightning Bolt                      	2   
    SCRL1L     	Monster Summoning I                 	2   
    SCRL1M     	Non-Detection                       	2   
    SCRL1N     	Protection From Normal Missiles     	2   
    SCRL1O     	Slow                                	2   
    SCRL1P     	Skull Trap                          	2   
    SCRL1Q     	Vampiric Touch                      	2   
    SCRL1R     	Wraithform                          	0   
    SCRL1S     	Dire Charm                          	2   
    SCRL1T     	Ghost Armor                         	2   
    SCRL1U     	Confusion                           	2   
    SCRL1V     	Dimension Door                      	0   
    SCRL1W     	Fireshield (Blue)                   	2   
    SCRL1X     	Ice Storm                           	2   
    SCRL1Y     	Improved Invisibility               	2   
    SCRL1Z     	Minor Globe of Invulnerability      	2   
    SCRL2A     	Monster Summoning II                	2   
    SCRL2B     	Stoneskin                           	2   
    SCRL2D     	Animate Dead                        	2   
    SCRL2E     	Cloudkill                           	2   
    SCRL2F     	Cone of Cold                        	2   
    SCRL2G     	Monster Summoning III               	2   
    SCRL2H     	Shadow Door                         	2   
    SCRL3G     	Vocalize                            	2   
    SCRL3H     	Protection From Evil                	0   
    SCRL56     	Cure Serious Wounds                 	0   
    SCRL58     	Free Action                         	0   
    SCRL59     	Neutralize Poison                   	0   
    SCRL5A     	Mental Domination                   	0   
    SCRL5B     	Defensive Harmony                   	0   
    SCRL5C     	Protection From Lightning           	0   
    SCRL5D     	Protection From Evil, 10' Radius    	0   
    SCRL5E     	Champion's Strength                 	0   
    SCRL5F     	Chaotic Commands                    	0   
    SCRL5G     	Remove Curse                        	2   
    SCRL5H     	Emotion                             	2   
    SCRL5I     	Greater Malison                     	2   
    SCRL5J     	Otiluke's Resilient Sphere          	2   
    SCRL5K     	Spirit Armor                        	2   
    SCRL5L     	Polymorph Other                     	2   
    SCRL5M     	Polymorph Self                      	2   
    SCRL5N     	Domination                          	2   
    SCRL5O     	Hold Monster                        	2   
    SCRL5P     	Chaos                               	2   
    SCRL5Q     	Feeblemind                          	2   
    SCRL5T     	Protection From Electricity         	2   
    SCRL5U     	Reflected Image                     	2   
    SCRL5W     	Greater Malison                     	0   
    SCRL5X     	Greater Malison                     	0   
    SCRL5Y     	Greater Malison                     	0   
    SCRL5Z     	Fireball                            	2   
    SCRL61     	Cure Critical Wounds                	0   
    SCRL62     	Flame Strike                        	0   
    SCRL63     	Raise Dead                          	0   
    SCRL66     	Grease                              	2   
    SCRL67     	Armor                               	2   
    SCRL68     	Burning Hands                       	2   
    SCRL69     	Charm Person                        	2   
    SCRL6D     	Find Familiar                       	2   
    SCRL6E     	Power Word, Sleep                   	2   
    SCRL6F     	Teleport Field                      	2   
    SCRL6G     	Minor Spell Deflection              	2   
    SCRL6H     	Protection From Fire                	2   
    SCRL6I     	Protection From Cold                	2   
    SCRL6J     	Spell Thrust                        	2   
    SCRL6K     	Detect Illusion                     	2   
    SCRL6L     	Hold Undead                         	2   
    SCRL6M     	Enchanted Weapon                    	0   
    SCRL6N     	Fireshield (Red)                    	2   
    SCRL6O     	Secret Word                         	2   
    SCRL6P     	Minor Sequencer                     	2   
    SCRL6R     	Spider Spawn                        	2   
    SCRL6S     	Spell Immunity                      	2   
    SCRL6T     	Protection From Normal Weapons      	0   
    SCRL6U     	Breach                              	0   
    SCRL6V     	Lower Resistance                    	2   
    SCRL6W     	Oracle                              	2   
    SCRL6X     	Conjure Lesser Fire Elemental       	2   
    SCRL6Y     	Protection From Acid                	2   
    SCRL6Z     	Phantom Blade                       	2   
    SCRL70     	Color Spray                         	2   
    SCRL71     	Blindness                           	2   
    SCRL72     	Friends                             	2   
    SCRL73     	Protection From Petrification       	2   
    SCRL75     	Identify                            	2   
    SCRL76     	Infravision                         	2   
    SCRL77     	Magic Missile                       	2   
    SCRL78     	Protection From Evil                	2   
    SCRL79     	Shield                              	2   
    SCRL7B     	Conjure Lesser Air Elemental        	2   
    SCRL7C     	Conjure Lesser Earth Elemental      	2   
    SCRL7D     	Minor Spell Turning                 	2   
    SCRL80     	Shocking Grasp                      	2   
    SCRL81     	Sleep                               	2   
    SCRL82     	Chill Touch                         	2   
    SCRL83     	Chromatic Orb                       	2   
    SCRL84     	Larloch's Minor Drain               	2   
    SCRL85     	Blur                                	2   
    SCRL86     	Detect Evil                         	2   
    SCRL87     	Detect Invisibility                 	2   
    SCRL89     	Horror                              	2   
    SCRL8X     	Spell Shield                        	2   
    SCRL90     	Invisibility                        	2   
    SCRL91     	Knock                               	2   
    SCRL92     	Know Alignment                      	2   
    SCRL93     	Luck                                	2   
    SCRL94     	Resist Fear                         	2   
    SCRL95     	Melf's Acid Arrow                   	2   
    SCRL96     	Mirror Image                        	2   
    SCRL97     	Stinking Cloud                      	2   
    SCRL98     	Strength                            	2   
    SCRL99     	Web                                 	2   
    SCRLA1     	Wizard Eye                          	2   
    SCRLA2     	Deafness                            	2   
    SCRLA3     	Glitterdust                         	2   
    SCRLA5     	Melf's Minute Meteors               	2   
    SCRLA6     	Spook                               	2   
    SCRLA7     	Remove Magic                        	2   
    SCRLA8     	Contagion                           	2   
    SCRLAI     	Ray of Enfeeblement                 	2   
    SCRLAJ     	Farsight                            	2   
    SCRLAL     	Sunfire                             	2   
    SCRLB1     	Bigby's Clenched Fist               	0   
    SCRLB2     	Bigby's Crushing Hand               	0   
    SCRLB4     	Wish                                	0   
    SCRLJALA   	Geas Removal Scroll                 	0   
    SCRLPET    	Stone to Flesh Scroll               	0   
    SCRLZY     	Summon Cow                          	0   
    SCRLZZ     	Summon Cow                          	0   
    TTSCRL01   	Flame Arrow                         	0   
    TTSCRL02   	Monster Summoning I                 	0   
    ISHLD02    	Small Shield +1                     	1   
    SHLD02     	Small Shield +1                     	1   
    SHLD02A    	Small Shield +1                     	0   
    SHLD04     	Medium Shield +1                    	7   
    SHLD04A    	Medium Shield +1                    	0   
    SHLD05P    	Corvyr's Blessing                   	0   
    SHLD06     	Large Shield +1                     	2   
    SHLD06A    	Large Shield +1                     	0   
    SHLD06P    	Redshield +1, +4 vs. monstrous      	0   
    SHLD07     	Shield of the Falling Stars +1      	1   
    SHLD07A    	Shield of the Falling Stars +1      	0   
    SHLD07P    	Sartessa's Vengeance +1             	0   
    SHLD08P    	Tarloc's Contingency +1             	0   
    SHLD09P    	Shield of Devotion +1               	0   
    SHLD17     	Buckler +1                          	0   
    SHLD19     	Pellan's Shield +2                  	1   
    SHLD19A    	Pellan's Shield +2                  	0   
    SHLD20     	Kiel's Buckler                      	1   
    SHLD28     	Small Shield +2                     	0   
    SHLD29     	Medium Shield +2                    	0   
    SHLD31A    	Gorm's Arm +3                       	0   
    SHLD32     	Medium Shield                       	0   
    SHLD33     	Buckley's Buckler                   	1   
    TTSHLD01   	Medium Shield +1                    	0   
    SLNG02     	Sling +1                            	5   
    SLNG03     	Arla's Dragonbane +3                	1   
    SLNG11     	Sling of Unerring Accuracy +1       	1   
    SW1H47     	Wakizashi +1                        	1   
    CHALCY1    	The Shadow's Blade +3               	0   
    CHALCY2    	The Shadow's Blade +3               	0   
    ENSW1H02   	Short Sword +3                      	1   
    SW1H08     	Short Sword +1                      	8   
    SW1H09     	The Whistling Sword +2              	1   
    SW1H10     	The Shadow's Blade +3               	0   
    SW1H78     	Drusus +1                           	0   
    SPER02     	Spear +1                            	2   
    SPER03     	Backbiter +3                        	1   
    SPER05     	Spear +2                            	1   
    TTWAND     	Wand of the Heavens                 	0   
    WAND02     	Wand of Fear                        	5   
    WAND03     	Wand of Magic Missiles              	5   
    WAND04     	Wand of Paralyzation                	7   
    WAND05     	Wand of Fire                        	7   
    WAND06     	Wand of Frost                       	2   
    WAND07     	Wand of Lightning                   	7   
    WAND08     	Wand of Sleep                       	3   
    WAND09     	Wand of Polymorphing                	1   
    WAND10     	Wand of Monster Summoning           	2   
    WAND11     	Wand of the Heavens                 	1   
    WAND12     	Wand of Magic Missiles              	0   
    WAND13     	Wand of Cloudkill                   	0   
    WAND18     	Wand of Spell Striking              	0   
    WAND19     	Wand of Cursing                     	0   

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 17,720
    That's exactly what is needed! Thanks for this great work!

    Now if only I could breeze through the game chapters right to the end of BG1EE...

  • AbelAbel Member Posts: 716
    bengoshi wrote: »
    That's exactly what is needed! Thanks for this great work!

    Now if only I could breeze through the game chapters right to the end of BG1EE...
    @bengoshi Thanks, glad it will serve! Please test it as well as you did v2 (though it should work without problems ;))!
    I don't think you actually need to get a Final-Save to import to SoD (was that your point?). You can import from any save.
    It it were needed though, you could just do a simple C:MoveToArea("AR0125") and kill everyone with CTRL+Y.

  • wubblewubble Member Posts: 3,156
    Thanks for making this, it's a brilliant idea. I've been bogged down in durlag's tower for ages and I forgot to back up my installation before the update so all my mods were wiped out. this means I can recreate my character and play from where it's fun instead of having to force myself to finish bits that I hate (plus I can skip faffing about with mods).

  • wubblewubble Member Posts: 3,156
    Just finished getting my party ready and imported them into BG2. It works great, no bugs that I could see. One thought does occur, there's no way to add bhaalspawn abilities so I'm going to keeper them in. Thanks again for your work :D

  • AbelAbel Member Posts: 716
    @wubble Thanks for your feedback! Indeed! I saw that myself. I've found a couple of minor annoyances that I will be updating when the SoD excitment goes back to normal ;) !

  • AbelAbel Member Posts: 716
    edited April 2016
    @bengoshi @wubble and all, the mod was updated! I thought it'd be actually stupid to wait before updating it since it's most needed now. See v2 notes in the original post.
    I'm still using a store for the items but it could be a bag of holding. What would you prefer?
    The mod seems to be working for SoD too so you can always use the book there if needed!

  • wubblewubble Member Posts: 3,156
    I quite liked the store, it worked well, it also means you can put items straight into your party member's inventories.

  • AbelAbel Member Posts: 716
    Little update! Put the project on GitHub to keep tracks of various versions (see original post for link).
    The last release now contains new stores from the Black Pits (all items you can buy) and for SoD. The SoD items weren't filtered, it's a basic add so you'll find everything (relevant or not) with default quantities, etc. I personnally use it to see descriptions.

  • ahhyepahhyep Member Posts: 114
    Does this do game chapters + special abilities as well? If not, I can solo BGEE pretty quickly without any cheating...

  • AbelAbel Member Posts: 716
    @ahhyep You shouldn't need chapters if you intend to move on to SoD directly. If by special abilities you mean Bhaal powers you get from dreaming, then yes, you can get them!

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,247
    if you want to go through the chapters quickly with basically no muss or fuss, here is what you need to do:

    - make sure the cheat console is active ( so in other words it would have to be if you are using this mod )
    - use the cheat console and enter the following:
    - when gorion appears talk to him and begin the cinematic sequence
    - while sequence is going press "ESC" as fast as you can to skip through ALL the cut scenes
    - when sequence is over, the next chapter will begin
    - when the next chapter begins, keep resting until you get your new ability
    *NOTE: if done this way, your special abilites are going to be based on your REP, so make a note of that
    - once you gain your new ability, summon gorion again and rinse, lather, repeat until you hit chapter 7 and get your chapter 7 ability
    *NOTE: i would not suggest going pass chapter 7 with this trick, because some wonky things may happen, so viewer discretion is advised
    - once you hit chapter 7 and get your final ability use the cheat console to warp to 1 of 2 areas:
    C:MoveToArea("AR0123") this is the area outside of Sarevok's temple
    C:MoveToArea("AR0125") this is directly inside Sarevok's temple

    so after all is said and done and you complete your battle with Sarevok you will be beginning SoD

    now to be honest i'm not 100% sure if this technique will work in the EEs ( aka use gorion to skip chapters ) ALTHOUGH it did work in the original BG for chapter skipping, if this technique does not work, then let me know )

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