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Ramazith keeps spawning multiple times in every area

MikeLitorisMikeLitoris Member Posts: 5
Hi all,

I haven't been to this forum in a while, i hope i've posted in the right section. I'm hoping anyone can offer a fix to the problem i'm describing below. I've run a check of the boards to find related threads, but haven't found any so far. If it's there, please point me in the right direction :smile:

So me and a friend have decided to give BG:EE a go. We bought it on Steam. All went well, apart from maybe Dorn being glitchy every now and then, up until the moment we did the Ramazith quest. We chose the path of slaying Ragefast, releasing the nymph and killing Ramazith.

About 4 hours further into the playthrough, we suddenly encountered Ramazith near the Hall of Wonders in BG. He instantly became hostile and we killed him. Since then, he has been spawning in almost every new area we venture into. Usually, he spawns about 2-4 times, all clotted together in one corner of the map. I suspect the amount of Ramazith's has something to do with the amount of times we use rest in that map.

I can recall a playthrough we did some years back (BG:EE when it was just released), giving us the same issue. The only difference being those were Bats, and now we're dealing with Ramazith. Needless to say, this is getting a bit annoying. We have an XP boost of about 12.000XP per map and 2-4 mages firing Lightning Bolts at us (and innocent bystanders aswell). On top of that, we've completed BG1 and continued the playthrough in Siege of Dragonspear, and Ramazith keeps appearing.

Does anyone know a way to fix this? I really hope someone can help us, thanks!

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