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Icewind Dale III

SikorskySikorsky Member Posts: 377
I want you to make an opinion on bringing back to life Icewind Dale series. A lot of people is talking about Baldur's Gate III, but as we already know BG story is over and shouldn't be touched IMO. But what about making IWD III with a spirit of BG? The new story with references to previous IE games (BG included). With joinable characters like in BG series, some NPCs from IWD I & II and BG series. The rule set from IWD II would be great with all that diplomacy, bluff, class, gender etc. checks in the game. BG is a finished story and there shouldn't be any new game under this name. IWD storywise, on the other hand, is still an open book and "Icewind Dale" as trademark had also a lot of marketing potential and old fans.



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