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Am I playing the latest update?

CharlestonianTemplarCharlestonianTemplar Member Posts: 855
I bought BGEE back when in first came out back in '14 but never really played it, preferring my heavily modded Tutu game instead.

Now, I'm starting to fool with BGEE but I'm seeing references to a BGEE 2.0. Mine updated as soon as I opened it the other night but it doesn't say anything about being BGEE 2.0 at the top.

The latest update mine uploaded Monday night was June 24, 2016. Is that the latest?

I looked in the Beamdog forums and saw a post by elminster that seemed to be discussing this but I hesitate to do anything until I'm certain what I am doing... don't want to mess up the install I have.

Any help or direction is appreciated.

Thanks CT



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