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Need to spend 60k gold asap (Chap 5)

AlequeAleque Member Posts: 149
Hi all

I am in chapter 5. Just finished TotSC and I have around 60k gold. I would love some tips on what to buy and where. Gear, Potions and other consumables to make the rest of the game as painless as possible.

I have ran out of places to buy healing potions. I'm having a hard time to find any good gear and generally just confused to as which potions and protection scrolls are useful.

Thanks for reading

EDIT: Now I have over 80k gold. I wish there were more healing potions around or at least stronger ones. This game doesn't make sense economy wise. I just hate the idea of finishing the game with 100k hard earned gold because there are not enough shops and items to buy.

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