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Just for fun, why do we care about infravision in Baldur's Gate?

CharlestonianTemplarCharlestonianTemplar Member Posts: 801
edited March 2018 in BG:EE Mods
So, I was thinking back to playing D&D 2nd Edition. If you were human and didn't have infravision, you could get pummeled, especially in a deep, dark dungeon, against Orcs, Goblins or anything else that had infravision, and most everything down there did.

We could & would buy torches at any store (1 cp - copper and silver pieces were used in 2nd Edition AD&D) to use underground/dungeons (of course, they let enemies/monsters know we were coming too).

A kind Dungeon Master might go easy on you if your torches burned out, maybe choosing not to have those 'random monsters' attack you when they just rolled % dice that indicated otherwise. But some DMs, well, not so much. :neutral:

But in Baldur's Gate, we can see whether we have infravision or not. Now, I always play a human but I keep the Helm or Ring of Infravision for role playing purposes , trying to ensure anyone in my party without infravision has something to use as well.

I can do the same as above and assume we have torches in, e.g., Firewine Ruins. But then, the Helm & Ring of Infravision are just items to sell and have no in-real game use.

Again, this is just to chew on for fun. Thoughts? CT



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