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NWN Shinobi Server Reunion!

SlaughternautSlaughternaut Member Posts: 6
edited March 2018 in New Members Welcome Area
If any of you fine people happened to play on the "Shinobi" or "Echoes of Silence" servers back in the day, I'm the one who originally built those worlds, and I'm started up work on a new one now that NWN has decided to make a comeback!

My original player names were Etched_in_Blood and Dark_Scorpion_777

I'm always down to meet new friends of course, but I wanted to let my former players know that I'm here, I'm working on a new Persistent World server, and I promise that I'm going to put all my years of scripting experience to some very solid use.

If anyone would like to just chit chat in general about building, modding, scripting, DMing, Persistent Worlds, or just NWN/D&D in general feel free to say hi too! Of course, possibly looking for some help! Maybe? For working on new servers with.

Have fun everybody!!!!



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