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Toolset - frequent "not responding" when opening creature properties

TerrorbleTerrorble Member Posts: 104
edited April 2018 in Technical Support
I recently upgraded my computer from Xp to 10 and started editing my module in NWN: EE. It is now crashing (says not responding and never recovers) often. As best I can tell it's when I am opening creature properties. Anybody else seeing this?

For example, I open a creature and make some changes. Close it, then realize I wanted to check the faction it was set to, go back to properties and it freezes saying not responding.

I could provide hardware information but not much else. Maybe I'll see if a new module without any haks has the issue.

I mainly see it when opening and closing creature properties, but I've had it crash when loading a new area, also.

I guess I'll work it on my laptop for a while and see how that goes.

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