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Where is placeables.2DA?

Hey guys, got a small problem here.
Returning to PW development after a 15 year break (yikes!) I notice there are many new standard placeables in the game nowadays.
When I built my hakpaks back in the days, I included a modified placeables.2DA file where I simply added my own models at the end of Bioware's list.
So, of course, I don't have access to the new placeables since mine override them.
My question is twofold:
1° Where can I find the current placeables.2DA file so I can work from there?
2° If I add my own models list at the end of that current placeables.2DA list, all my old placeables in my modules will now have random appearences which I can fix easily by changing the blueprints appearance and update all areas, is that correct?



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