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Placeables to cast spells

ForgeForge Member Posts: 32
Is it possible to make a placeable, like a pedestal to cast a spell into a waypoint?

Tried using the UserDefinedEvent for this, and SignalEvent but couldn't get it to work.

It worked using a creature, but not with a normal placeable.

Code below:

void main()


object oSelf = OBJECT_SELF;

object oLoc = GetNearestObjectByTag("Spawn_loc");
location lLoc = GetLocation(oLoc);
int nSpell = SPELL_RAY_OF_FROST;

int nEvent = GetUserDefinedEventNumber();


ActionCastSpellAtLocation(nSpell, lLoc, TRUE, TRUE);





Put this into the OnUserDefined script for the pedestal.

SignalEvent command for case 14 is on a conversation with an altar.

Code below:


Is there a way to make this work?

I tried also tweaking with the AssignCommand but it didn't produce results either.

Thank you in advance.


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