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Toolset Module Error (orTrying to Make the EE Jump)

Greetings, first time long time. Let me start by saying I love what everyone is doing here. You all are doing a terrific job, and I thank you, and my wallet will also thank you. Let me also add that I think it would be a swell idea if someone centralized all the info that is splattered about these forums and made a thread called, "A step by step Guide to transition your module/server from 1.69 to the Enahnced Version."

Now, onto business.

In making the transition from 1.69 to EE, that is, in taking a module and rebuilding it in the EE toolset, I've encountered a few snafus: The rebuild went fairly well. I only received one error, and that was a compile error on database_inc.nss. Other than that, smooth as soft butter.

However, the real problem was when I went to save it: "Could not save one or more custom palettes. Please check that the JTP files in %s are not read-only and that you have enough disk space." The follow-up message was that it couldn't save the file and "Please ensure you have sufficient disk space and that you have permission to write to the file."

I have plenty of disk space-- 90 gigs-- so it must be permissions. When I go into Documents/Neverwinter/Modules, I noticed that the temp0 folder is set to Read-Only. I also noted that the Neverwinter Folder is set to Read-only. When I unset them from Read-only, they immediately revert back to read-only. Kind of stuck on this one., as I am unable to save the module after a rebuild.



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