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AI Script: Follow Leader, still maintain other functions (including Stealth).

1MMRAM1MMRAM Member Posts: 4
With my very basic attempts so far, I'm having a hard time combining effects such as MoveToObject(Player 1) or MoveToObjectFollow(Player1), etc, while still processing other functions like remaining in stealth (MTO seems to preserve stealth state, but MTOF leaves it), or other IF/THEN combat statements. Is there some way to have a hierarchy of actions?

What's I'd like is something like this:

1. If stealth is available, enter stealth
2. Run attack functions when enemies are in range
3. Move to Player 1 if past certain distance

As it stands, the first two functions only resolve when the third completes entirely. Irritatingly MoveToObject also constantly pushes Player1 around, while MTOF() and Formation() seem to be constant states that don't process other parts of the script until they are ended.

Any tips or direction appreciated!


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