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G3 Tweaks Anthology 'Avatar Morphing Script' help

AuAegisAuAegis Member Posts: 2
Hi guys, I'm playing Baldur's Gate:EE for the first time and I'm loving it. However, I'm trying to install the Avatar Morphing Script component of the G3 Tweaks Anthology and I'm running into issues. When I load into the game with party AI turned, character selected, and I press 's' nothing happens. In the readme it says "Assign this script to the character whose avatar you wish to change". Does anybody know what this means or how I assign a script to my character? The component is listed as installed in my WeiDU log, and I tested some other components and they are working fine, it seems that this component in particular isn't working for me unless I'm missing something else. Does anyone know a what i might be doing wrong? Thanks in advance.


  • mashedtatersmashedtaters Member Posts: 2,243
    You have to open up the character and choose the combat AI.
    Go to Record, Customize, Script, and select the avatar morphing script. Make sure you select DONE when leaving, not cancel.
    Then turn the AI on. Then select the character and press S on the keyboard. A dialogue will open up that allows you to choose from different options to select your character.
    Don't forget to change the AI script back to the one you want when you're done!
    Alternatively, if you wish to change the avatar and paperdoll of a particular character, you can always use EEKeeper.

  • AuAegisAuAegis Member Posts: 2
    Thank you very much! I wasn't selecting the script in the records page but it is working now.

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