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Should Beamdog offer a server & community hosting service?

SelpheaSelphea Member Posts: 23
NWN as we know is a unique game that doesn't exist solely as a game.

When people want to start a server there's a lot of questions to think about. How to build the technical stack? Windows or Linux? NWNX or no? How to solve for security, leaks and crashes? Where should the community be hosted? How to make sure people can see news, updates and other announcements and report bugs? And so on.

Services like Vultr and AWS offer a one-click WordPress setup. I wonder if it would be possible to white label AWS or another provider's servers to offer a one-click NWServer + NWNX instance service combined with a community page hosted on Beamdog, similar to guilds on the old Bioware Social Network.

The possible benefit is that most NWN servers don't need a whole lot of resources. Even the $5 tier on most services is more than enough for a simple PW that never goes over 10 players. So there'd be more efficiency there. On the builder's side it means they can focus on building without worrying about the tech stack and maintenance could be as straightforward as uploading a mod file and clicking Reboot Server. I'd fully expect people using this service will have to pay but the combined package would be more attractive than other options.

Another plus is that hosting on Beamdog's ecosystem means there's a possibility to do a lot of integration. Like if there's a forum provided with the server, on the server browser there could be a button to go straight to the forum for more info. Importantly also is that the server owner doesn't need to create their own external forum anymore since everyone here already has a Beamdog account. If these forums are meant to be a community hub this is one way to bring things together.



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