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Holy Avenger / Holy Sword -- Uncapping the Dispel

Greetings, and Moradin's Blessing to you all,

Prior to the 1.69 patch, the Dispel property for the Holy Avenger property scaled with the level of the Paladin, and thus made possible the Paper-Scissors-Rock engagement between Paladins and Casters down through the ages and epic levels. However, someone decided with 1.69 that this was too powerful, and they capped the Dispel property to a static Level 10, and so hamstrung the Paladin, and so he has remained for many years, just a pale shadow of his former self.

I suggest that it be uncapped and allowed to scale/progress at a level commensurate with the Paladin or, if not, then unhardcode that property (currently we can't even modify it like we could with other spells) so that DMs and PW Makers can decide what is best for them.

That's all. Just a little bit of Paladin stuff.

Thank you,



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