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Scripts taking over possessed familiars?

TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 8,205
edited June 2018 in Technical Support
I haven't played NWN:EE in a while so I am not very familiar with the changes made by the various updates that have happened in my absence. I tried to continue my game yesterday and I may have found a bug with possessing familiars. I have the Pixie as my familiar and what I usually do upon entering a dungeon is possess it, make it go invisible, and then have it disarm and unlock everything in the area. The problem I noticed was that while I was doing this the pixie was not really under my control at all. If it got too far away from my PC It would decide on its own to rush back to her and if it got too close to any enemies it would decide to attack them on its own. I have some mods running in my game so I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this problem. I suspect the issue lies in the familiar's scripts overriding my commands.



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