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The most hilarious bug I encountered in IWD:EE

So I was just after battle against hapries during the Trials of the Luremaster and after that I needed to pretty much raise from dead everyone on my party. Then, the most hilarious thing happened.

Rinna, my Dragon Disciple reincarnated as.... a meat chunk! On this screenshot you can see screen being more or less centered at her.

She couldn't move... trying to not re-load game to avoid repeating the battle, I ordered my party out of the cave. It worked, Rinna was together with them, but still as a piece of meat! And that chunk of meat was rotating in place as it would have been falling on the ground while character being chunked.

She still couldn't move. So I started wondering if she can cast spells... Of course she can! Rinna was the most arcane-adept chunk of meat in the world!

Mirror Imaged:

Casting a spell:

Protected from the Elements:

So yeah, it's hilarious. I am in possesion of the most powerful chunk of meat on the planet. It can do everything.... besides walking, of course. It seems to be its only weakness.

(aside from that there is other bug. In Polish version it should be "Ochrona przed żywiołami" instead of "Protection from the Elements")

I have no idea how this bug happened nor what killed Rinna, but it was hilarious. The only theory I have at the moment that she was chunked, but the game didn't register her as such fully, since I still could ressurect her on the spot. As a chunk of meat, but still.

Maybe that's why usually you cannot ressurect chunked characters... :D



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