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Would you like to make the "Infinite Dungeons" premium module playable in multiplayer?

HunterRayder93HunterRayder93 Member Posts: 266
edited January 2018 in Official Campaigns
It has already been discussed at the beginning and then it seems that it is no longer spoken ... but I would like to propose it again.

You could make the premium module "infinite Dungeons" playable in multiplayer?The message that tells you at the entrance of the first level makes me think that this module was intended to be played by multiple players online ......

So is it possible to make it playable in multiplayer? and then alone and a bit difficult if played with a level 1 character especially in the first areas that the enemies are sometimes very powerful, and the recruable characters you see around are practically useless, in addition if you die and respowni at the beginning of a area enemies attack you to attack ...

but what is worse and that if you attract the nemicivicino to a field of npc the npc begin to attack the enemies but if they die they can not respown anymore.

I'm just part of the many problems I've found playing this premium module ... let me know if there are any other problems and if you too want to make this modult multyplayer.

Would you like to make the "Infinite Dungeons" premium module playable in multiplayer? 29 votes

mrprmillerProontMrpenfold666smady3DaevelonCvijetaBelleSorciereEnuhalthemazingnesskrynnmeridiaHeadClotTaro94zunathHunterRayder93EldrickDerpCitySunssarathi2029RananAnonySimongrom56 27 votes
Sylvus_Moonbowsriep 2 votes


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