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Weapon icons on portraits and captions in cutscenes

Hi! Very different issues, but I'm unsure how to resolve them.

Does anyone else have a fist, sword, mace, etc HUGE over their character portrait in the main game interface? Is this part of the EE or did I inflict it on myself with a tweak? <.< If it's part of EE, how do I get rid of it?

Same question with the ever-present captioning over the heads of Irenicus and Imoen, e.g., in the wizard fight outside the dungeon -- and at the very beginning. "It's time for more... experiments." O.o I can hear them fine. The captions above their heads just clutter up the interface. They're part of the original game, I know, but is there a way to remove them? Mod or something?

Thanks a lot!



  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,711
    Never got those issues and never heard about it. Some people had a similar complaint about the Chinese translation, but that's it.

    Do you have a screenshot?

  • LizziemanderLizziemander Member Posts: 2
    I managed to fix it! In the G3 Tweak Anthology there are a couple of tweaks that take care of both (well, one partially.) First, I think the setting is something like, "Prevent Equipped Item Icons on Character Portraits" or something similar. Solved the fist/sword/bow obliterating the pretty character pics <.< (I like my character pics...)

    The other tweak was "shorter cut scenes/dreams" which, while it doesn't help with the captions over their heads, it at least makes them amusing and does cut down the cut-scene time considerably (for those of us playing through our 100th time or so!)

    I wasn't really grokking the meaning of some of the tweaks (like the Prevent Equipped Items etc) I thought that would take away magical effect icons (the little bitty ones) but it doesn't. The G3 page for the mod breaks every option down very clearly, though, so once I found that, I was good to go.

    Thanks so much for answering!


  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,711
    You're welcome.

    If I may make you a suggestion, address this problem at the Troubleshooting section. For what I was able to understand, you didn't solve the issue, just made it disappear.

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