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Have you seen this - Darkness Over Daggerford EE?



  • themazingnessthemazingness Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 701
    edited June 2018
    @JuliusBorisov Thanks for the clarifications :D. And that does make a lot of sense now. Again, sorry for being grumpy. At the time I hadn't seen the log of changes. Now that I've seen that, it's pretty clear the difference in cost is because of the work it took to update the mod.

  • SquidgetSquidget Member Posts: 15
    Any chance we'll see the custom content from this mod added to the base game as other premium module content was? I'd love to see these premium mods being used to expand our future toolset options in addition to being great adventures in themselves.

  • pscythepscythe Member Posts: 116
    edited June 2018

    Been a while since I've done this. Is the order of these haks important and is there a tlk file that should be used?

    It does come with a .tlk file but that seems to be mostly battle cries or just text directly related to DoD itself.

  • Drewbert_ahoyDrewbert_ahoy Member Posts: 82
    Well this isn't good... most of the standard toolset blueprints are messed up using the haks in this way. For instance, trees show up as building adornments. Don't think it was intended that these haks be used for custom mods.

  • NeverwinterWightsNeverwinterWights Member Posts: 258
    edited June 2018
    If this is an official DLC shouldn't the new assets be automatically added to the base game? Like the other official DLCs did? I'd like to build with them without adding them as .haks (if it's even possible as per issues posted by other people). This is actually the only reason I bought it as soon as I saw it on sale. I just assumed any new assets would be added to the base game and I could start messing with them right away. Eventually I'll get around to actually playing it.

  • Sylvus_MoonbowSylvus_Moonbow Member Posts: 1,048
    Darkness over Daggerford uses an older placeables.2da which is not padded up to the 1.69 placeables that came with the last update. That is why the blueprints show different appearances.

  • NeverwinterWightsNeverwinterWights Member Posts: 258

    Darkness over Daggerford uses an older placeables.2da which is not padded up to the 1.69 placeables that came with the last update. That is why the blueprints show different appearances.

    Is this something that could have been fixed/updated before release?

  • TarotRedhandTarotRedhand Member Posts: 1,097
    @NeverwinterWights The rolling of the assets from the premium modules into NwN only happened after the premium module program had been closed down. Also those assets were only included in the final ever (at the time anyway) patch i.e. 1.69. At the time that was a horrendously large download because of that. In other words they were a kind of going away present.


  • NeverwinterWightsNeverwinterWights Member Posts: 258
    edited June 2018
    Well dang it. So going forward are we to expect nothing new to build with (unless it's a working .hak)? I'm now confused about how this is going to work as far as what "new content" means for builders. I really wish Beamdog would take a "Sims" like approach to expansions/dlc:

    Ravenloft Expansion-Get a Ravenlofty adventure with new Ravenlofty music, voices, placeables and tiles that you can build with.
    Red Sands Expansion-Get a Red Sands adventure with new music, placeables and tiles that you can build with.
    And for Phil, Spelljammer Expansion.

    Kind of what the CCC is doing, but official.
    I don't want to have to wait for another "going away present". :'(

  • PhantasmaPhantasma Member Posts: 76
    It's probably not quite the answer you're hoping for, but the DoD placeables are in the CEP, so you can build with them (but that obviously requires hak which you were hoping to avoid). I know it would have been a huge task to reorganise the DoD 2das and then ensure every instance of them in the game was still correct. Maybe it's something Beamdog will give an official comment on regarding 'future strategy' but Ossian did give those placeables to the CEP and they are still in there at CEP 2.65

  • thirdmousethirdmouse Member Posts: 67
    edited June 2018

    Well dang it. So going forward are we to expect nothing new to build with (unless it's a working .hak)?

    The situation is probably different for DoD because this is an "enhanced" premium module whose previous incarnation was released for free many years ago, not a brand new premium module - the assets that were new and unreleased at the time (eg the beta of the TNO tileset from DLA) have since already been added to the game via patch 1.69. (And those that weren't for WCoC as mentioned above and below have been floating around the community for many years ... )

    It is not official but generally expected/hoped that future premium modules continue in the form of being premium adventures whose new assets - if applicable* - are patched in for everyone.

    *I wouldn't expect every premium module to contain such assets, when the focus is on a lot of different things.

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  • pscythepscythe Member Posts: 116
    DoD assets can also be found in Project Q, not just CEP.

  • MatthieuMatthieu Member Posts: 385
    Fantastic :), now can't wait for the Crimson Tides of Tethyr trilogy to follow.

  • JidokwonJidokwon Member Posts: 351
    I'm likely overlooking something obvious here, but if we pay money for these premium modules, why don't we have access to them with the toolset? Only getting a small portion of what we're paying for?

  • ThaRealCuberThaRealCuber Member Posts: 9
    Been years since I added custom content to original NWN game, not sure how it works now with the different places to buy stuff. I bought the NWN:EE game from Beamdog's store and used the Steam key to install the game via Steam.
    If I buy this module from Beamdog's store, do I get a file to download with an installer to go into my steam installation? Or do I have to buy and install via Steam?

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 21,829
    @ThaRealCuber If you buy the module from Beamdog, you should get a Steam key for it (just like with the main game). If there's no DoD Steam key, send a message to our support ([email protected])

  • ThaRealCuberThaRealCuber Member Posts: 9
    Thanks! Purchased and got a Steam key. DLC added to Steam, will download tonight on my laptop with the game installation to see how that goes.

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