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A Wand Case or nothing !

MordekaieMordekaie Member Posts: 67
I am planning to manually mod my BGEEv2.3+SoD and i am looking for a mod bringing a wand case to the game (in my souvenir there is none in the vanilla game). Am i wrong ?

I came to the following conclusions :
- a wand case could be helpful for purpose of cleaning the inventory !
- Tweak Anthology doesn't "sale" any wand case (even if it proposes many other "exotic items").
- There are only two mods proposing a wand case :

The Wand Case

More Style for Mages

Am i wrong about those statements ?
Would you travel without a Wand Case ?
Which one is your favorite ?

Nb: i probably don't know how to do a correct link and i apologize for my english.


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