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Baldur's Gate II EE Android Cheats Enabled

NoobusNoobus Member Posts: 8
I might be a bit late to this, but every thread I see on this is way out of date & all state you can't cheat on android. If you think you can't cheat in BG II EE on Android you'd be wrong.
It's the same as the PC for the most part.
You just need a keyboard that is Android compatible.

1.Find an app that opens .ini files (File Expert worked for me).
2.Open Baldur.ini file and find Program Options, the first line you see it in.
3.Go to the end of the line above the first Program Options you see and at the very end of that line hit enter.
Example of how it may look:

'Game Options','Nightmare
'Game Options','3E Thief
Sneak Attack','0',
'Program Options','Debug

'Program Options','Font

4.Hit space once and type: 'Program Options','Debug Mode','1',
5.Save the file and start game.
6.Using an android keyboard, (bluetooth works) & hit ctrl enter.

This will open the cheat command promt.
From here you're on your own, the cheats are the same as the PC other than the initial setup to use them.

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