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Great Games

Just had to stop in to comment how great it is to see these classics brought back. I actually still have my original BG and BG2 cds, but still ended up buying the ios versions because I like to support this kind of effort. I was a little dishearten to find out there is no version on the Amazon Appstore. I played on an old Ipad 2 (Which still runs BG and Icewind Dale fairly well), but recently got a new Kindle Fire 10 HD and was about to buy all the games again to play them on a newer, faster tablet. I do not want to add google app store, as I do not 100% trust the source, and in today's climate I would rather not root or otherwise sideload an app unofficially. Alas, it is not meant to be, if there is no kindle version at this point, I don't see one being created. Question, if the google play store runs on a fire, and these games seem to work on a fire, I am assuming there is a barrier to applying this same codebase to the amazon store that is the reason? Not sure what it takes, if Amazon requires a separate code base then android (Fire OS is a derivative, but very close), or do they take too much control if on their appstore? Just wondering.



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