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Drizzt Defends, but how well?! [SPOILERS!!!]

NoloirNoloir Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 241
This is a bit of a curveball. For some odd reason I'm very compelled to see how Drizzt would fare in a 1v1 battle with the seemingly indestructible Tethoril! Using the BGEE Baldur.ini I tried adding the value under 'Game Options' Cheats=1.

Using the CLUA function Cheats:DrizztDefends() Drizzt doesn't appear to spawn to come to [Charname's] aid in a pinch. Under C:CreateCreature("Merlin") a battle ready Elminster spawns and under ___("Drizzt") the ordinary Drizzt appears asking for assistance (though with his skils he needs none..) but unfortunately friendly battle ready Drizzt doesn't seem to spawn. Any advice would be appreciated.


  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 3,918
    Have you tried replacing "Cheats" in the command with "C:"?

  • NoloirNoloir Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 241
    Grond0 said:

    Have you tried replacing "Cheats" in the command with "C:"?

    Yeah, nothing happens. Just script errors.

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 956
    @Noloir, the command is supposed to be: CLUACheats:DrizztDefends()

    However, I can't get it going in BG1EE 2.3 or BG2EE 2.5, no problems in BG1EE 1.3.x. In BG2EE 1.3.x, the command comes up with a 'file drizztdef does not exist'. It looks like it has been disabled. I might add that once I got him beside me, I Q'd him into my party, and his weapon profs are OP plus. 5 stars in all weapons that he is uhm, proficient in. Never had him in my party before, I wonder if this is the case ingame. Shall have a look next time.


  • NoloirNoloir Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 241

    CLUACheats:DrizztDefends() works!

    In a most terrifying display of power before having the opportunity to swing his schimtar Drizzt became barbecued by a single Tethoril skybolt! Tethoril may very well be the strongest character in BGEE!

    A bolt with the power to defeat the most esteemed Drow in Faerun funnily enough lacks the ability to bypass a Minor Globe of Invulnerability!

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