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Overheard Conversations

Oh hello!

One of the real hidden gems of the BG series is the sheer amount of detail hidden in the ambient audio.
The people of The Sword Coast are a talkative bunch and, on your travels through its towns and cities, you're liable to hear some very bizarre comments if you listen closely.
I've put together a list of dialogues I've heard in the ambient audio across the various maps of BG1. Of course, these may not be exact quotes but it's my best guess at what I think I can hear among the bustle of general sound effects.

Do feel free to share any other comments you might have heard in your runs, and maybe I'll make a list for BG2 if I ever make it there :)

Baldur's Gate 1 Overheard Conversations

Friendly Arm Inn Outdoors

Man:"Yes the...ah...consummation of the marriage, as it were."
Old Man:"Mining's for the young not a man of my age"

Streets of Beregost & Baldur's Gate

Theatrical Salesman: "Enter [if you dare?] and seeee the feathered pleasures that wait for theeeeee!"
Theatrical Salesman: "Long feathers and short featherrrrs! Curly feathers, straight featherrrrs!"
TS: Colourful feathers, gray featherrrrrs!"
Woman: "Ye-eah indeed" *laughter*
Woman 2: *Chuckles* "Who'd have thought [???] be the one to dance on her grave"
Man: "I trusted the little bugger!"
Man 2: "[???] amount of vigour for me that night as well!"
Man 3: "Take care o'yerself, brother"


Boy: "Oranges! Oranges fresh with the leaves still on 'em!"
Boy: "And carrots; I have carrots! [part of the roots here?]"
Boy: "Fine cabbage fresh from the field!"
Irish Man: "Ey why'm I the last one t'know?" (heard during night hours)

Nashkel Carnival

Man: "Nothing like a roll 'o coins if you know what I mean, eh? Yeah?"
Drunk Guy: "Good friend?"
Marginally Less Drunk Guy: "eh?"
Drunk Guy: "I dun-" *mumbles*

Drunk Guy: "Well I'm sorry to hear that - in fact I've been with your wife, remember that?"

Marginally Less Drunk Guy: "Everything with you! Everything wi-"
Drunk Guy: "You don't KNOW!"
MLDG: "I kno-!" [seems to trail off here]
(The drunks can also be heard outside the FAI at night)
Woman: *Squeals*
Girl: *Whimpers*
Woman: "NOT like that!"

Low Lantern & Undercellars

Courtesan: "Coma along, sir - I do know that like what you see!" (Also heard in Beregost at night)

Courtesan: "Run along then you scoundrel! I'll seek me another man!"

Shakespearean Courtesan: "I did miss thee yestereve where were'st thou?"

Courtesan: "You down below, do come up!"

Courtesan: "Everything you could want! I give change back on a tuppence!"

Courtesan: "I've never been with a man...well..."

Carnival (Central BG City)

Boy: "Hip hip"
Group: "HUZZAH!"
Boy: "Hip hip"
Group: "HUZZAH!"

Elfsong Tavern Second Floor

Distinctly American Woman: "Sometimes we just [???] here we've never been- [inaudible]"

Seven Suns

Whispering Man: "He's willing to settle. He says it's too much"

Northwest Baldur's Gate (Outdoors)

Woman: "I am somewhat older than twelve, madam!"

Nashkel Mines Third Level

Unknown Voice: *High-pitched, impish laughter*

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