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Hey, you! Yes, you! Yeeeees, that's right, I'm looking at you!

SeiSei Member Posts: 6
edited July 2018 in New Members Welcome Area
Hi :wink:
Just a little belatedly since it isn't my first post, but anyway.
Funfact #1 - I love the atmosphere of the BG & BG2, first time I played while still in the elementary school.
Funfact #2 - I don't think I completed the series or even the single part of the series more than once, very casual player here. :smile: I don't really care about strategy, I just like the feel, the graphic, the story and just roaming over this part of Faerun. :wink:
To get it out of the way - I'm really not a good strategist or for that matter even a mediocre one, nor do I intend to change it, I just really like this game for a reason that remains unknown to me to this day.
So... here is the appropriate graphic description of how my gameplay usually looks like. :smiley:



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