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Static Charge re-firing after a TURN --- bug or feature?

FylFyl Member Posts: 62
60 seconds delay --- fights only ever last that long if you're hiding behind a wall of summons in HOF difficulty...

for all other difficulties, the only times you see the effect is when the enemy reaches out from beyond the grave and one of your characters SUDDENLY drops dead long after a fight is over

Static Charge re-firing after a TURN --- bug or feature? 3 votes

Bug - should be next round, like Call Lightning
Fyl 1 vote
Feature, all is as it should be
elminstersemiticgod 2 votes
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  • kjeronkjeron Member Posts: 1,467
    Descriptions clearly state once/round for Call Lightning, once/turn for Static Charge.
    Call Lightning affects a single location, and requires a target every round or it dissipates.
    Static Charge travels with you from encounter to encounter for it's full duration, hitting an enemy once per turn if available.

  • FylFyl Member Posts: 62
    edited August 2018
    Bug - should be next round, like Call Lightning
    Seems glitched though, even with that implementation if that was indeed intentional.... just kinda happens or doesnt intermittently with multiple casters and multiple casts

    What's it really checking for, enemies in the sight line of the specific caster?

    ...and just because it follows what the text says doesnt mean it isnt an error introduced at that specific juncture of creating the spell

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